Why Should You Turn Off Your Phone’s Wifi Overnight? We should all do it

Should I turn off my phone’s Wifi at night? You know, Wifi, it is these waves that we call ” silent enemy “. But are they really? So, I explain here all the good reasons to turn off your Wifi when you go to bed.

Because in addition to being good for health and sleep, it is also good for the wallet. Here’s why you should always turn off Wifi at night on your smartphone.

Avoid bad waves

Avoid bad waves

The first reason to cut the Wifi is obviously to avoid the waves. Because as long as it works, it emits waves regularly and sustainably. And since we tend to leave our phone near the bed, these waves stay close to our head.

Result for more sensitive people, it can cause sleep disorders or even headaches. So, for health reasons, it is advisable to put the phone in airplane mode. It is a very simple solution to cut Wifi in 2 seconds.

Saves battery

saves battery

Wifi, what is it? These are radio waves that make it possible to connect several devices without wires. Obviously, this action requires a lot of energy… drawn from the phone’s battery, which therefore discharges much faster.

When we sleep, do we need these connections? In my opinion, not at all! So, might as well turn everything off and save the battery for the next day. That way, you don’t have to leave your laptop plugged into the power outlet.

Blocks all notifications

blocks all notifications

When you put your iPhone or Samsung in airplane mode, WiFi is automatically put on standby. This also allows you to block notifications from all our apps. Isn’t it more comfortable to spend a night without “ding-ding” every 5 minutes?

For me, there is no picture! The right to disconnect, you know. That’s why I push the little Wifi button to “off” every night.

How do I turn off Wifi on my smartphone?

You don’t know how to turn off this function? It’s quite simple! Here’s how:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Wifi, Internet and Networks”.
  • Slide the small button to the left to turn it off.

And that’s all! But the easiest way to really save battery and not receive any notifications is to activate “airplane mode” from your home screen.

The advantage of this mode is that it allows you to deactivate all the telephone services, namely: Call, SMS, Bluetooth, and Internet. You are sure and certain not to be disturbed!


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