Why Should You Restart Your Wifi Router Once A Week?

Do you have to restart the Internet box regularly? And if so, how often and especially how? These are questions we will answer today. Because restarting the Wifi router regularly has lots of advantages for the box.

In particular to avoid delays and facilitate the connection of all your devices: Computer, telephone, television… Here’s why it’s important to restart your internet router and how to do it properly.

Why restart your Internet box?

Why restart your Internet box

Are you experiencing slowness when using the internet? The pages take time to load or bug regularly. Worse! If your TV depends on the internet, the images get scrambled. Result: impossible to watch favorite TV shows.

It’s probably because your internet router needs to be restarted. Besides, I’m sure you regularly restart your smartphone and your computer. So why not do it with the wifi router? I’ll show you how to do it right after.

How to restart your wifi router?

How to restart your wifi router

To turn off and restart the router, it’s very simple:

  • Press the “Off” button to turn off the box.
  • Unplug the box.
  • Wait for around 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Press “On”.
  • Wait 2/3 minutes for the connections to be made.
  • And There you go! It’s really easy, right?

How often should the Box be restarted?

How often should the Box be restarted

In general, we recommend restarting your Wifi box once a week. Personally, the box is reset every day. Why? Because I unplug it every night to save a little energy and escape wifi waves. However, there are no rules.

The easiest way is to do it as soon as you see that your connection is slowing down… …and your web pages take 3 leads to load.

Especially for old vintage models. I recommend that you contact your supplier to obtain a more recent one. Not only is it more efficient, but it also consumes less energy.

What’s the point of restarting your router?

What's the point of restarting your router

As we have seen, restarting solves problems of slowness. But why? It’s just a technical question. The box consists of an operating system with a processor and a memory. The latter must recognize all devices connected to it and retain all IP addresses.

Over time, it gets tired and the connection becomes slow. Worse if you have two devices that have the same IP address: this will cause a conflict slowing down the box.

This is why it must be restarted regularly. It’s kind of a little technical “cleaning up”. Besides, it has another use.

That of making the updates necessary for its proper functioning. But also, to identify possible viruses and clean them. At least it avoids paying for a technician’s trip.


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