What is the Small Hole in the Top of an Android Phone for?

Have you ever noticed the tiny hole on your phone? But what is it exactly for? Here I reveal the secret of this little hole. And you will see: It is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of your device doesn’t matter what your phone brand is.

1. Where exactly is this little hole?

Where exactly is this little hole

Due to phone brands and model, it is not placed in the same place. On my Pixel 6, it’s on top. But on other phone brands, it’s on the bottom. Right next to the charging cable outlet.

And for other smartphones, especially the oldest ones, there are even 2. In fact, it doesn’t matter where they are. Why? Quite simply because their function is substantially the same. And I’ll explain it to you right after.

2. What is the functionality of this small hole?

what is the functionality of this hole

If there is only one small hole on your smartphone, then it is simply the microphone. The one that allows you to pick up sounds and have good telephone conversations. But also, the one that records if you turn your device into a dictaphone.

Does your phone have 2 holes? Here is what they are used for: The first is also the microphone, like on the other phone. But the second also has its uses. It attenuates external noise so as not to interfere with conversations or recordings.

Background or everyday noises are reduced. Thus, your calls remain audible and are not disturbed by sounds that break the ears.

3. Your phone does not have a “small hole”?

Your phone does not have a small hole

You do not see this famous little hole on your phone? Do not worry. This is quite likely on newer phones. Why? Because technology has evolved. And now, we are able to integrate the microphone into the area that serves as the loudspeaker.

That way, you only notice one opening instead of two. There is even better! The module used to attenuate external noise is also integrated into the “microphone” module.

4. Is this small hole fragile?

Is this small hole fragile

Whether microphone and/or noise cancellation, this hole is a small concentration of technology. You can imagine that it is super delicate.

It is, therefore, necessary to be very careful to avoid damaging this area. I recommend that you avoid putting it in contact with water or even humidity.


If this is the case, immediately dry the phone, for example with rice. You can also remove the dust approximately every 2 months. To do this, use a cleaning paste.

You know that malleable paste with which you clean the air vents of the car. Its strong point: it adapts to all shapes and removes dirt. All this without adding any moisture. Be careful not to press it too hard.

It should not stick in the components of the microphone. Also, avoid using a cotton swab whose fibers could damage the electronic parts.

And you, does your phone have a small hole on the top or not? Tell us in the comments section down below. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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