Virtual Tools For Product Promotion In 2020

With its latest update, Google has shown that good content is one of the best practices for appearing in rankings including promoting product of interest to a company. Before listing a few strategies that are helpful in promoting products, it is important to say that good quality content is the foundation for successful marketing.

Virtual Tools For Product Promotion in 2020

In addition to quality content – the creative content that one reads when entering a website – when trying to improve your website traffic and Google rankings, you must take into account the use of a good strategy marketing and content optimization.

So how do you promote your products and increase traffic? This only requires a good plan. If you want to build such plans you can consult SEO Company dubai for better guidance.

  1.  Promotion Of Contents By Email

Email List

Content promotion through an email list sent to the right target audience is guaranteed success. Those companies that do not promote their products by email, must do so quickly. There are two options:

  1. Create a newsletter with “read more” or “click here” articles and links, so that the reader has to go to the website to read the full article.
  2. Send a personalized email with an introduction to the article and a link.

The Email With Landing Page

If you have written an entire article about your product, email is an excellent tool to promote your product. The email must include an image of the article and a summary of the information written on it. 

The objective is that the user clicks on the landing page of their interest and, therefore, that you obtain traffic through these clicks and, finally, can sell your product. You can contact your local digitalmarketing agency for more info or either way you can connect to any SEO Community for latest updates on it. 

  1.  Social Networks Where To Share Your Content

The Predominant Social Networks

If you have a Twitter account, post three times a day, more specifically, tweet the new content in the morning, noon, and evening. Consider when a tweet is most effective, depending, of course, on the profile of your customers and your target audience.

Publish your content on Google+. When you put your comment, the post should be optimized so that it can appear in Google search results. Here it is recommended to use hashtags with keywords.

And finally, you should not forget Facebook. Here it is recommended to make a single post a day with new and fresh content so that your followers do not classify it as «spam». And it’s important to respond to your followers’ comments all the time.

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Specific Social Networks For Product Promotion

Depending on the type of product you are promoting with your content, it is advisable to use other social networks aimed at more specific objectives, such as LinkedIn or Xing, and think about how you can spread what you have to say there. 

In both professional networks, the content can be published in the relevant groups that have to do with their business model. 

For example, if it is a company that sells lottery tickets online will be relevant to publish the content to a group of online gaming professionals or to a group of people who work excessively and need a few hours of relaxation. 

But if your business is selling fast food, you’ll want to publish your content to a group of busy executives who don’t even have time to eat. Also, share your content on even more specific social networks – Pinterest, Youtube, Flickr, Digg, etc. -, always thinking about the profile of your target audience and how you can attract them.

  1.   Other Promotional Strategies

Another way to promote the content of your products is through third parties. If you want to promote your content, please note that there is the possibility of developing a connection with other people and/or groups. There is no limit in terms of strategies to promote your content.

This will lead to your product becoming known when these third parties mention it on their blogs or personal websites. 

A good way to establish contacts is to create a list of blogs whose content is aimed at the same target audience. Choose between 10 and 20 blogs and try to interact with these people, which means that you will try to establish a professional friendship, the ultimate goal of which will be to promote your product.

In short, promoting content is an arduous task that requires work. Emphasis should be placed on the distinction between direct promotion – sharing content via email or social media – and indirect promotion, in which a third party – blog or website – participates who share their content without direct intervention. 

For the product to stand out in virtual media, both types of promotion must be used. But this is not achieved overnight and requires continuous effort.


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