Top 10 Trends To Follow In 2020

Top 10 Trends: Gartner is coming to the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida, to report on the TOP 10 tech trends to follow in 2020. Gartner therefore launches rather early this year for this type of exercise, which generally agitates the many commentators of the digital world., between December and January.

top 10 trends

Unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and the increasingly important integrations between objects, humans, content and services underlie many of these trends to follow in 2020. Three words characterize this future. for Gartner: Intelligent Digital Network:

  • Intelligent: the AI ​​everywhere!
  • Digital: digital is needed and the boundaries between the real world and its digital representation melt
  • Network: it is the principles of integration and exchanges between different categories of real elements and their digital representations.

    List of Top 10 Trends

    He is the list of top 10 tech trends of 2020

    dissup top 10 list

    Trend # 1: Stand-Alone Objects

    Standalone objects, from robots to virtual agents, to vehicles, drones and appliances, should continue to grow, thanks to the progress of AI. For Gartner, however, be careful not to expect from these objects’ abilities close to those of the human brain.

    Trend # 2: Augmented Data Analysis

    This is the combination between data analysis and AI to identify more “automated” trends within very large volumes of data, which should simplify the task of analysis and in particular allow “amateurs” so that they can perform tasks today reserved for professional data scientists. You can also visit the best tech hub for more information.

    Trend # 3: AI Driven Developments

    Software developments will also be transform through the integration of AI that will improve the quality of the process and code. Also, thanks to the assistance of AI in the software development, this activity will become accessible to people not / less specialized on the subject.

    Trend # 4: The Digital Twins

    This concept in vogue (we met last week in Microsoft Redmond in charge of this subject: we will come back later, because the subject is very interesting :)), aims to propose to build digital representations of all objects real for a given application context (IoT, real estate ….) and related processes. The expected benefits of these digital twins are as much flow optimizations, better control in real time, better support for offline operation …

    Trend # 5: Edge Computing

    The Edge Computing is emerging today through IoT to represent the compute capabilities placed closer to objects (vs. centralized processing in the cloud). Edge Computing offers benefits in terms of not always synchronized operation, economy of object-to-cloud transfers, format conversion, data security, and even artificial intelligence processing locally.

    Trend # 6: Immersive Technologies

    At the crossroads of augmented reality techno’s, virtual reality, mixed reality and conversational platforms (voice assistants, chat bot …), the solutions allowing immersive experiences for users are called to develop. These solutions will also take advantage of IOT objects in their environment.

    Trend # 7: Blockchain

    If for Gartner, the “pure” blockchain models remain immature and difficult to ramp up, companies should evaluate the technology and implement private blockchains, not having all the characteristics of public blockchains, but offering the interest of a possibly shorter-term deployment in companies.

    Trend # 8: Smart spaces

    Smart spaces can be physical or digital spaces in which humans interact with digital systems. A typical example of these spaces is given by Smart Cities. This concept is closer to digital look-alikes.

    Trend 9: Digital Ethics and Privacy

    Given the growing awareness that users have the value of their personal data and the way in which digital companies use it. Gartner believes that a transfer will take place among digital mode “Am I compliant” to the mode “Am I doing a right thing”. It is therefore at the same time a problem of respect of the laws and regulations in force (more and more binding) and of an ethics of the company.

    Trend 10: Quantum Computing

    This last trend remains relative to the others at a lower level of maturity. But if the technology is still in an emerging state, it’s time for Gartner to start trying to understand how companies can take advantage of it.


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