Top 10 Online Plagiarism Checkers With Percentage Unlimited Words 2020

For writers to be able to create unique and authentic content, their work must be plagiarism free. In case you are unfamiliar with what exactly does plagiarism means, it is copying someone else’s work.

Top 10 Online Plagiarism Checker

There are different types of plagiarism. It can be both intentional and unintentional. Plagiarism checker tools help writers to ensure that their work is not copied from someone else’s. It is quite a complicated task since the tools designed for the purpose require special algorithms that help them in scanning for plagiarism.

Below are the Top 10 Online Plagiarism checkers, which give a very reliable report along with a similarity percentage.


Check-Plagiarism offers a lot more than merely a plagiarism checker. It is one of the best sites online for writers as it offers up to 95 for successfully writing or preparing a research paper.

The Check-Plagiarism tool makes the plagiarism check with a percentage not only easy but also efficient and reliable. Its extensive database scans your document successfully from numerous sources. It also ensures its users that their content won’t be saved or used somewhere else without their consent.

It does not have a word limit which means you can upload a whole file into it with nothing to worry about. Regardless of the format of your document i.e. txt, Doc, Docx, or pdf, you can easily upload it into the tool.

Check-Plagiarism offers a stress-free plagiarism check without any cost. The report produced is very detailed and the plagiarized area is highlighted to make it easy to spot.


The Quetext plagiarism checker tool is extremely fast and proficient. It can scan and detect several types of plagiarism along with generating a similarity report. A similar area is highlighted and the sources are provided from where it is plagiarized to make its editing easy.

The Online Plagiarism checker is free. There is no word limit so the file can be directly uploaded onto it and it will generate a report within minutes. The Quetext plagiarism checker makes sure that your work remains safe and secure.

The Tool has a very unique algorithm that performs thousands of scans and produces a very dependable report. It remains one of the finest choices for checking plagiarism online.

Plagiarize Checker

Plagiarize Checker is considered an excellent choice for online plagiarism check by students, teachers, and writers. The Plagiarism checker with percentage is extremely easy to access and use online. All it requires the user to do is simply copy the text that needs to be checked and paste it into the dialogue box of the tool.

The Plagiarism checker is completely free and can be easily found and used online. However, there is also a paid version available in case you need to use it more often.

The Plagiarize checker is very effective and it generates a report highlighting the copied area along with producing a similarity report. You can also exclude certain URL’s if you don’t want the tool to be searching from them.


Writix is widely known for having a very inclusive database. Its algorithm is designed in such a way as to run thousands of scans from it and search for any traces of plagiarism. Depending on the size of your file the Writix online plagiarism checker produces a very efficient report.

The first thing that needs to be added to the tool is the title. It directs the tool to scan from a particular topic. You can also choose an essay style for more reliable results.

Writix also claims to have access to a private database that is not commonly available. It further enhances its reliability. A very detailed assessment is made and results are produced accordingly making it easier for the editor to make changes to the text.


The Softo online plagiarism checker is a tool that is easily accessible online. It can be used for checking plagiarism whether you are a teacher authenticating your student’s research work or a writer preparing a dissertation.

The Softo online plagiarism checker produces a very detailed analysis report along with presenting a similarity report. It is automated, to produce definite recalculations by modifying citations. This makes the report extremely reliable and changes can be made accordingly.

The Tool’s algorithm can detect any kind of plagiarism, for instance, intentional plagiarism, accidental plagiarism, patchwork plagiarism, etc. Though it is available free of cost online there is also a premium version in case someone wants to access more features.

Paperell Plagiarism checker

Paperell Plagiarism checker makes a writer’s life easy and convenient by offering a reliable and resourceful online plagiarism checker online without any cost.

To upload the text for scanning all you have to do is simply copy it and paste it into the dialogue box of the tool. You can also upload a file onto it since there is no word limit which makes it easier to upload a file with a high word limit.

Once the file is successfully uploaded, the results are produced within minutes. The scanning is very detailed and so are the results. The plagiarized area is highlighted and sources are provided to direct the writer from the place the text was copied.

The plagiarism checker with percentage is an extremely reliable tool for any writer out there.


Plagium is a free online plagiarism checker tool that works pretty well. Entering text into the tool is extremely easy as all it requires is the user to copy and paste it into the tool. The results are produced instantly making the plagiarism checker with percentage one of the fastest on the list.

However, the tool doesn’t offer the writers to upload a file. This limits its functionality and the research is limited to Google index only. Therefore, the Plagium online plagiarism tool might not be the most reliable choice for academic papers. There is a deep search tool for Plagium as well but it requires a subscription to the premium package.

Search Engine Reports

SearchEngineReports is a very resourceful plagiarism checker with a percentage. The online plagiarism checker allows its user to either copy the text directly into it or upload a file. It can detect several types of file formats and is extremely useful for more advanced searches.

You can exclude up to 5 URLs if you don’t want the tool to be searching from it. However, there is also a choice to scan from a particular URL in case you want to scan from a specific source only. The Search Engine report is a fine choice for scanning plagiarism in a more detailed manner and can be used for research papers and other research work of complex nature.


The Plagly online plagiarism checker tool is a rather newcomer however it is one a fine choice. Though its free version might not be suitable for everyone there is a paid subscription available for more detailed search and access to a more comprehensive database.

Nevertheless, it is still a good choice for searching from the Google index. This means that if you are a blogger or writer for articles you can successfully use the tool for your benefit. Plagly also offers a Google Chrome extension in case you want to access it at more. You can also sign up with your email and download the report if required.


Copyleaks provides one of the most accurate tools for online plagiarism check. The tool is free, but you will need to create an account to use it, but there is a limit to it. The writer is allowed to scan up to 10 pages every month which is great if you only have to scan a dissertation, though this might not be the best option for people looking to use it on an everyday basis.

Copyleaks allows its user to either directly copy-paste the text or upload the file. It is efficient enough to scan files in several formats. The plagiarism checker with percentage remains one of the best choices through its access is still limited due to some factors.


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