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Bitconnect is also the cryptocurrency interface that has depicted itself as a self-directed monetary framework that would conveys huge advantages to its financial specialists. The Bitconnect coin was the cryptocurrency intended to give subsidizing the maintenance of the platform.

Solid promoting of it made its value one of the quickest developed cryptocurrency available and the coin hit $463 in December 2017. A lot of earned assets were spent on advancing the cash through various occasions, promotions, and so forth. A video of discourse via Carlos Matos at one of those occasions has turned into a web sensation and turned into the wellspring of its image.

Nonetheless, truly soon, Bitconnect began to be portrayed as a Ponzi conspiracy and was arranged to quit it by controllers of North Carolina and Texas. Although, on January 2018, it encountered a noteworthy accident and the Bitconnect trade shutdown. They quit distributing news, shut their improvement and nearly lost the whole cost of the coin.