Steering Wheel Cleaner: How to Clean & Best Products in 2023

Steering wheel cleaner is essential if you want to have a clean and shining steering wheel all the time. The car steering wheel can gather dirt with our day-to-day usage and really affects the look and feel of your car. Today we will talk about the best steering wheel cleaner products and how to clean your steering wheel to leave it as good as new.

steering wheel cleaner

Sometimes we think that by keeping our hands clean we are not dirtying the steering wheel, and nothing is further from reality. Hands, no matter how clean they seem to be, always contain dirt that is invisible to the eye.

Also, when our hands sweat, we create a layer of grease that is by far what dirties the steering wheel the most. Leaving it sticky and with a greasy shine.

Although it is dirt that is not noticeable at first, it attracts bacteria, and viruses, and makes it look filthy. So, it is very important to keep it clean and care for it regularly by using a steering wheel cleaner.

Have you ever seen the accumulated grease on the steering wheel buttons or windshield wiper levers? Well, that grease is evenly distributed throughout the rim of the leather or rubber steering wheel and gathers in such a uniform and gradual way that it is difficult to realize.

All this, until the day comes when you decide to clean the steering wheel of the car and see the adhering dirt that you are able to remove after a thorough cleaning. In this article, we will teach you how to clean your car steering wheel regularly and use the best products to clean the steering wheel.

Steering wheel cleaner for plastic/rubber steering wheel

To clean the steering wheel, whether it is made of plastic or rubber, we recommend a multipurpose cleaner for the interior of the car, which can also be used to clean other areas.

Infinity Wax Fresh Interior is a product for cleaning all surfaces inside the car, including the steering wheel and the control area. It provides a powerful cleaning and antibacterial action and leaves a pleasant fresh scent that you will love.

clean steering wheel using brush

Using this cleaner not only your steering wheel will shine, but you can also safely use it to clean cloth seats, mats, plastics, doors, etc. After cleaning, it is time to condition the surface with which you will leave the material fully nourished and protected for daily use and sun exposure.

Infinity Wax Finale Interior Dressing is a great hydrator and repairer ideal for the plastic steering wheel that returns the shine and original color to the plastics inside the car. So, in addition to using it to condition the steering wheel, you can apply it to the dashboard, door panels, and other plastic, rubber, or vinyl areas.

Steering wheel cleaner for leather steering wheel

If you have a leather steering wheel and other leather areas in the car such as leather doors or seats, you cannot miss the fantastic Koch Chemie combo for cleaning and moisturizing leather.

Koch Chemie Multi Interior Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner that serves as all in one cleaner, capable of tackling all types of interior car jobs, including fabric, plastic, rubber, and leather areas. You do not need to dilute it; you can apply it directly on the areas and obtain maximum cleaning.

Once you have cleaned the leather steering wheel, we recommend applying a leather conditioner with which you will keep the material nourished and protected against UV rays.

In this case, Koch Chemie Leather Care is your product, it is a conditioner for very high-quality leather seats and upholstered areas that provides protection, refreshes the tone of the leather, and leaves a soft touch.

Now that you know the steering wheel cleaner items, we will teach you how to apply them so that you can once and for all get rid of the sticky and dirty feel.  And start it again with the simple guidelines and products that we recommend.

How to clean the steering wheel of your car?

First of all, we are going to soften the dirt on the rim and the central part of the steering wheel. To do this, spray the multi-purpose cleaner of your choice generously over the entire rim, arms, and center of the steering wheel.

If you do not want to throw liquid on areas that you are not going to clean, you can choose to spray the product beforehand on a microfiber towel.

steering wheel cleaner using cloth

If you have chosen to spray directly on the area, let the product act for a couple of minutes. After that, hold the steering wheel vigorously with one hand and with the other wrap a part of the rim with the microfiber towel. And rub that part of the rim with the strength to start degreasing the area.

To further maximize the cleaning power and make cleaning more effective. We recommend you get a brush for the interior of the car. With this tool, you will rub the surface once the product is sprayed and it will allow you to better extract all the dirt.

How to keep your steering wheel clean

Once you rubbed the area, you will surely be surprised by the amount of dirt and grease that was on the steering wheel and that you barely noticed. Repeat the process with the rest of the rim areas and clean the central area in the same way. Without forgetting the steering wheel buttons if you have them since they will also need them.

If you see that you remove a lot of dirt, we advise you to repeat the process, especially on the rim, until it is completely clean. Before moving on to the next finishing step, the steering wheel should ideally be perfectly clean.

Once the most cumbersome and dirty part has been done, it is time to highlight the work done and enjoy a steering wheel that looks like it did on the first day.

Spray the plastics or leather conditioner on a clean microfiber towel and begin conditioning the center of the steering wheel and steering wheel arms. After applying the conditioner, pass the towel again with a part that does not have a steering wheel cleaner and thus you will remove the residue.

As you can see, cleaning the car steering wheel and making it look like new is very easy and will only take a few minutes.


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