Should You Turn Off Your Computer Every Night?

Should I turn off my computer at night or leave it on standby? Not everyone agrees on this. So, I tried to disentangle the true from the false.

And I explain here what are the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your PC on all the time.

In fact, it is mostly a question of the type of use you make of it. That’s what the computer scientist who takes care of devices told me. Here are the reasons to keep your computer on standby or turn it off.

I turn off my computer to save energy

I turn off my computer to save energ

In this period of “end of energy abundance”, we say it and say it again: we must turn off and unplug the devices.

Why? Quite simply because even in standby, a computer continues to consume a little current.

Even if it seems small, it’s not far from 5 € per year earned. So, if you use your PC occasionally, it is better to turn it off after each use.

And then, when we are a bit concerned about the fate of the planet, saving energy is important!

I turn it off to prolong its life

I turn it off to prolong its life

Again, it’s a matter of usage. An infrequent user has an interest in switching off his device. Indeed, most PCs, especially older ones, must be turned off. Because it is essential for their operating system.

In addition, it allows you to empty part of the memory used by certain programs and software.

Added benefit: Updates install automatically when you restart it. Thus, the components are saved and will last longer. The battery is also preserved, even if it’s a MacBook.

I leave my computer on standby so as not to waste time in the morning

I leave my computer on standby so as not to waste time in the morning

Are you a hard worker? The type to work until 1 a.m. and resume at 7 a.m.? So, it is better to leave your computer on standby. Quite simply because you won’t waste time lighting up the next day.

And then, we find our work exactly where we left off. A real time saver! It is also said that shutting it down in close quarters is not good. Because it could “grill” fragile components.

Leaving a PC on, does it damage it?

For a long time, computer scientists recommended always leaving the computer on or in sleep mode.

A few years ago, this could still be true given the operating systems. But today, progress is such that it is no longer necessary.

You can turn it off without fear of losing everything. Besides, it seems to be a good thing if you don’t use it for at least 8 hours straight.

Because let’s not forget that in standby, a PC remains accessible to hackers. Not to mention that it’s vulnerable to lightning if it’s plugged in.

What about my Mac?

Should I turn off or put on standby? MacBook owners are used to leaving the device on standby. This allows it to update overnight. We can therefore simply close the screen several days in a row.

Especially if you are a hard worker. A restart is still recommended at least once a month. However, if you are an infrequent user, there is no harm in turning it off completely between 2 sessions.

Personally, I don’t turn it off during the week when I’m working. On the other hand, on weekends or during holidays, it is completely off.


Advantages of keeping PC on standby:

  • Files stay open
  • Automatic tasks run continuously
  • Super fast restart
  • Remote access possible
  • Power supply without fluctuations

Disadvantages of keeping PC on standby:

  • Energy consumption
  • Update not installed
  • Temporary files not cleaned
  • Possible hacking
  • Risk in the event of a storm Off

Advantages of turning off PC:

  • No power consumption
  • Install updates on restart
  • Temporary memory emptied
  • Life extension

Disadvantages of turning off PC:

  • Very long computer restart + programs
  • Shortened component life
  • Switching off and on again too often is to be avoided.


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