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Trick To Share Your Netflix Account Without Passing Username And Password


The business of streaming audiovisual content services firms grows every day. For good and for bad. Netflix Account, for example, that until a couple of years ago had an almost exclusive domain,  already has several weighty rivals. And the trend suggests that you will have it more every day.

Share Your Netflix Account Without Passing Username And Password

Disney itself, HBO, WarnerMedia, Hulu, and Amazon Prime appear in the Netflix universe as a strong competition and this would require you to modify your business strategy substantially.

On several occasions, the company itself confirmed that for its business it is beneficial for people to share their passwords. However, this could come to an end.

The Motives Of Netflix Account

A few months ago, in order to maintain the leadership, Netflix had to take US $ 2 billion of debt to generate more exclusive content or, undoubtedly, one of its differentials from the company.

On the other hand, at CES 2020 – the technology fair that took place in Las Vegas-Synamedia , a software company in the United Kingdom, revealed a new technology based on artificial intelligence to prevent users from sharing the details of their accounts.

In an unauthorized manner. Thus, Netflix and its rivals would save billions of dollars and increase their profits .

Other problems for the firms by streaming? Some studies suggest that in the not too distant future, the number of users that contract streaming services will probably decrease significantly. If that happened, the benefits of the platforms would decrease and lead companies to take action.

Problems Of Sharing Password Of Netflix Account

Even users who have Premium accounts that allow you to create up to 5 profiles (allowing you to provide the password to family and friends), in case you have the Basic Plan (which grants a single open screen as a limit).

The Netflix software itself will send you a message explaining that you can not use the application because there are “too many people using the account” at that moment. The solution? Change the plan to one that allows more screens simultaneously.

But that is not the biggest problem. From the security company Panda Security warned that the more people know the credentials of our account, the more chances there are to be able to supplant our identity.

Passing our username and password to family and friends should not cause inconvenience. But if these in turn pass it on to other people? Those other people would have our personal data and in the least of the evils, we would have to be forced to modify our passwords.

Taking into account this context, the era of “passing” our password would be definitively entering its final stage.

There Will Always Be A “trick” For Netflix Account

There is a chance to share our Netflix (or Spotify) account without risking our data. How? From an extension for the Google Chrome browser that allows sharing access to our accounts without having to grant access data (username and password).

The name of the extension is AccessURL and what it generates is a URL to share it with the people we want to access our account without having to provide our username and password.

So, if you intend to share access to our account of a service, you must go from Google Chrome to that site in question, identify ourselves and then, through AccessURL generate a URL with which they can access who we want.

For security reasons, the application will ask to establish an expiration date of the generated link. Thus, from that moment , our family and friends will no longer be able to access our account.

It is essential to access the account from the link we share, that the recipient has the URL in your browser extension also installed.

To use the extension, go to the Chrome web Store, look for AccessURL and install it in the browser. Or click here or from the official AccessURL website.

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