Outdoor Thermometer 2020 | Best Outdoor Thermometer To Buy

Discover the comparative ranking of the best wireless outdoor thermometer. What is the best outdoor thermometer? Which cheap wireless thermometer to choose?

Outdoor Thermometer

1.ThermoPro TP-55: Indoor Outdoor Hygrometer Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP-55 is a wireless outdoor thermometer with the ability to also measure humidity.

Indeed, thanks to a built-in humidity sensor, it is able to provide the humidity rate in a range between 10% and 99% with a varying accuracy depending on the humidity level.

Thus, the margin of error is only ± 2% from 30% to 80% while it is ± 3% below 30% and above 80%. This is reasonable to have a clear idea about the humidity level inside your home.

As for the temperature displayed in ° C or Calvin of choice, it is measured with an accuracy of +/- 1.1 ° C both inside and outside. For the interior, it is measured over a range of -20 ° C to 70 ° C. At the time this range extends outside -50 ° C to 70 ° C with the possibility of varying the duration of recording intervals of the new temperatures taken.

The ThermoPro TP-55 operates with a transmission frequency of 433 MHz, giving a transmission distance of up to 60 meters. This leaves you the choice as to where to place the outdoor sensor.

For its operation, it requires 2 AAA 1.5 V batteries, just like the receiver inside which are, moreover, included in the delivery of the product.

A 2-year warranty also accompanies this device that perfectly fulfills the various functions expected of it, namely accurately measure indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity with the ability to record or delete all those data.

For a sale price of around 20 Euros, the price / quality ratio of the ThermoPro TP-60 is one of the best on the market.

2. Anself LCD: low cost wireless thermometer

The Anself LCD is a cheap wireless thermometer. It is able to measure the temperature both inside and out thanks to its wireless sensor.

The latter transmits the measured outdoor temperature to the receiver placed inside to display it on the large digital screen that would benefit from being equipped with a backlight.

Indeed, if the display is clear and easily readable in the light of the day, the same cannot be said unfortunately in the dark.

Otherwise, regarding the quality of the transmission, there is not much to complain about since the wireless transmitter, operating on a frequency of 433MHz, is powerful enough to transmit the recorded data outside to a radius reaching 30 meters, whatever the nature of the weather conditions. In good weather, this radius can even reach 100 meters.

Regarding the different ranges of temperature measurement, the Anself LCD has 2 different ranges: the first is dedicated to indoor temperatures and oscillates between 0 and 60 ° C at the time when the second, relative to the outside temperatures varies between – 40 and 60 ° C. This is more than enough to cover the temperature in all seasons, regardless of the region in which you live.

On the other hand, as far as accuracy in temperature measurement is concerned, the margin of error does not exceed (+/-) 1 ° C in either direction, which remains a good performance. in itself, although some models, more precise, can reduce this margin of error up to (+/-) 0.5 ° C.

Now, keep in mind that this is above all a cheap model whose price is around 10 Euros and that for this price, the services provided remain quite correct that this for the transmission radius that allows the outdoor sensor to be placed up to 30 meters from the indoor receiver.

The Anself LCD is suitable for private homes or even offices in the sense that the sensor can be placed at a distance from the receiver.

3. La Crosse Technology WS6811: OutdoorThermometer with Alerts

The La Crosse Technology WS6811 is an outdoor thermometer that has the distinction of being equipped with a warning system that works in both directions.

Indeed, it can alert you as well in case of rise or fall in temperature depending on the thresholds you have chosen beforehand. It is an alert system that concerns both indoor temperatures and outdoor temperatures.

Thus, you will be kept informed of the slightest warning about temperature changes both inside and outside your home.

La Crosse Technology WS6811 has 2 temperature measuring ranges. The one for indoor temperatures ranges from 0 ° C to 50 ° C while the one used for outdoor measurements ranges from -40 ° C to 60 ° C.

Added to this is a daily record of the minimum and maximum temperatures with a trend indicator knowing that the different measurements will be taken at an interval of 30 seconds for indoor temperatures and 50 seconds for those taken outdoors. It should also be noted that the temperatures will be displayed in degrees Celsius or in Calvin as desired.

The transmission from the outdoor sensor to the Crosse Technology WS6811 indoor receiver takes place wirelessly for up to 90 meters in open field thanks to a transmission frequency of 433 MHz.

An indicator to measure the force of transmission of the outdoor sensor is integrated in this model to give you the opportunity to place your sensor without constraint and in a place where it will be protected from the climatic elements, as well as it remains possible to place it on a flat surface.

On the shelves of the options, we find in La Crosse Technology WS6811 a calendar with time and date that can be set in format: 12H or 24H and an alarm with the Snooze function (10 min).

It is also possible to choose the language of your choice from the 7 languages ​​available: French, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Danish.

Finally, if the sensor and the receiver all need 2 AA 1.5V LR6 batteries for their power supply, a low battery indicator will warn you when it’s time to change them. In conclusion, it is a model whose variety and quality of services justifies the price slightly higher compared to other models (30 Euros).

4. Netatmo Weather Station: connected thermometer for remote consultation

The Netatmo Weather Station is not just a thermometer, it is a weather station capable of delivering a multitude of meteorological data in addition to indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Indeed, there is a CO2 sensor capable of measuring the CO2 level inside your home with an accuracy of ± 50 ppm or ± 5%. It is a reliable indicator of the quality of the air inside your home. Add to this a sound level meter that can measure the sound level over a measurement range from 35 to 120 dB.

As for both internal and external temperatures, they are measured on a swinging range of 0 ° C to 50 ° C with remarkable accuracy since the margin of error of only ± 0.3 ° C .

It is clear that it is difficult to do better at this level. Last but not least, measured moisture content is provided both internally and externally by the built-in sensor with an accuracy of ± 3%.

The Netatmo Weather Station is compatible with Smartphone, Tablet and Computer, which allows to manage remotely without necessarily being at home to make the various settings or view all kinds of data displayed.

Running on both Android and IOS, it requires Android 4.0 or at least iPhone 4 or more for iPhones and iPad 2 and more for tablets.

Note, all the same, that it only works with a Wi-Fi router and internet access. In other words, HotSpot is not supported. As for the power supply, 2 AAA batteries with a 2-year battery life are required for the outdoor sensor while the indoor receiver is powered by 4 AAA batteries.

In the end, the Netatmo Station fulfills perfectly its various functions by providing reliable and precise measurements concerning data as varied as the temperature, the humidity, the sound level or the CO2 rate.

In addition, alerts that you can program thresholds will be sent to you on the various media chosen (Smartphone, tablet or PC) that are added to the curves to track different data over several days. Even the storage of data is free since the application does not require any subscription.

Finally, only the price of the device (145 Euros anyway) can be a brake as there is nothing wrong with the rest.

Why Buy Outdoor Thermometer?

Nowadays, there are now outdoor thermometer that are able to detect both the internal temperature and the external temperature simultaneously. It can even be said that it is a growing trend for manufacturers to introduce new models capable of measuring the temperature inside and outside a building.

As a result, it is no longer necessary to go outside the building to measure the outside temperature since it can be taken from the inside. The latter will then be transmitted to the inner receiver which subsequently displays the various data collected.

It is true that with the old models of outdoor thermometers, there was a kind of extension of the thermometer bulb at the remote site that allowed to obtain the data, except that with the modern thermometers, c ‘is an electronic transducer that now fulfills this function.

In this respect, outdoor thermometer are very popular because of the way they are able to record and display data. Indeed, and unlike other devices, they consist of two probes whose first is integrated into the equipment itself while the second is arranged outside while connected via a wire.

That said, there are wireless external probes that can be placed in a wider range. These remote sensors are generally capable of operating at a range of up to 30 meters.

This gives the possibility of placing the external probe at a great distance from the unit, in another room or even squarely outside the building.

In addition, many models allow the use of additional remote sensors to measure the temperature at locations that are more distant than the original 30-meter perimeter.

Thus, with an indoor / outdoor thermometer, without wires, it is now possible to simultaneously display two temperature readings which allow direct comparisons to be made.

How To Choose Wireless Outdoor Thermometer?

If we see more and more models of outdoor thermometers on the market, because of the willingness of manufacturers to provide customers with more and more powerful tools, the fact remains that the choice turns out to be often complicated when it comes to buying a new thermometer.

To simplify your task, it would be better to rely on pre-established purchase criteria that will guide you more easily to the model that best suits your needs, without exceeding your budget.

Temperature Measurement

There are two aspects to the measurement of temperature. First, there are the minimum and maximum values ​​that the device will be able to provide for each measurement.

This is true for both positive and negative values ​​because your thermometer is supposed to measure the temperature inside and outside your home.

The second point to consider is relative to the range in which the result of the measurement is found. In concrete terms, the larger the measurement range, the better it will be to give you the possibility to use your thermometer over a wide range of temperatures.

The Precision Of Outdoor Thermometer

As with a kitchen thermometer, it is always important to know the characteristics of precision from the start. And for good reason, all devices on sale do not necessarily give a precise value on the temperature both inside and outside your home.

Generally, if the measured temperature values ​​are displayed in degree on several types of devices, it remains, nevertheless, possible to find devices with a higher accuracy with values ​​up to one tenth of a degree.

Utilisation Facility

This criterion should not be underestimated, especially if you want to acquire a model that is easy to install and use on a daily basis. In addition to the simplicity of installation that does not need to have special skills to do so, the use and the different settings to operate must also be within the reach of everyone.

On the other hand, and in terms of how the results are displayed, this is also an aspect that must be taken into account when making your choice. If in the past, conventional thermometers required one or more manipulations to obtain the results of the measurement, with the electric thermometers, the temperature is now displayed instantaneously on the digital screen, which greatly simplifies the process. task compared to older models.

The Budget

It is true that it is sometimes difficult to find outdoor thermometer whose services are satisfactory without exceeding the budget allocated to this purchase.

In any case, the price can vary from one model to another depending on several parameters such as the longer or shorter delay of the display of the result or the measurement range for the temperature results. If it is important it will be relatively more expensive compared to others.

Similarly, models intended for professionals are generally more expensive than those intended for individuals as they are more sophisticated and bulkier.

The Options In Outdoor Thermometer

Manufacturers of wireless outdoor thermometer regularly update their latest models with new options that can offer real added value to users.

Thus, one can find, for example, a hygrometry sensor that can measure the moisture both inside and outside. Based on these measurements, your thermometer will define in which comfort zone your room is located and inform you with easy-to-interpret icons.

In addition, some outdoor thermometer models incorporate a calendar with time, date, day, and month display on a large LCD screen that is typically backlit for enhanced viewing comfort. Some models are even equipped with the alarm function with repetition.


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