Top 10 List of Most Paid Actors of the World in 2021

Top 10 List of Most Paid Actors of the World in 2021? After the horribly better-paid actresses of the world, it is the turn of the actors to be classified according to the one who had the best-filled pockets this year.

top 10 Most paid actors of the world

We can find their salary downright abused, even indecent, but, even if we pay a lot of people, we could AT LEAST pay them as much as women do not? Above all, you will see, it is not the quality of the actor who makes the best salary …

1. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg comes first in top most paid actors of the world. We say thanks to Transformers who will have paid him $ 68 million, more than twice as much as the best-paid actress Emma Stone. And it is clearly not for the quality of his acting that he has been paid so much.

2. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Dwayne Johnson comes second in top most paid actors of the worldThe success of, among others, Baywatch: Alert to Malibu has brought him big. About $ 65 million … So we know that Topito is worshiping The Rock. I will simply say: as much? For a remake of Malibu Alert without Pamela Anderson?

3. Vin Diesel

$ 54.5 million for Vin Diesel, who can thank the endless franchise of Fast and Furious . Because Hollywood loves big arms, with big men, who speak with a very very serious voice and who are in total deficit of personality. In fact, Hollywood might be pretty downright beautiful …

4. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler, whose career is unfortunately still alive, will have pocketed $ 50.5 million thanks to his connections with Netflix.

5. Jackie Chan

We have at least learned, thanks to this top, that Jackie Chan still makes movies, because he was missing from our screens since the cartoon. His popularity, still important in China, has allowed him to pocket a small jackpot.

6. Robert Downey Jr.

Thanks to his $ 48 million, Robert Downey Jr. will be able to build the armor of Iron Man for real and poop in a toilet in solid gold.

7. Tom Cruise

With $ 43 million, Tom Cruise will be able to bail out the coffers of Scientology! We hope that this salary has nothing to do with the film The Mummy , which will never reach the height of the film of 1999 where we find the very charming and very admirable Rachel Weisz.

8. Shah Rukh Khan

We leave Hollywood for India and its film industry very lively thanks to Bollywood. That’s why we find in the eighth this Bollywood player who can now get $ 38 million.

9. Salman Khan

37 million for Salman Khan. Having never heard of the guy, I can not make a derogatory comment here. On the other hand, I can give the recipe of the quiche: bacon, 3 eggs, 20 cL of milk, 20 cL of crème fraiche and gruyere for the most gourmands. We mix everything, put on a dough, bake and HOP, it’s ready. And no need for 37 million to make a good quiche Lorraine!

10. Akshay Kumar

Still a Bollywood actor, also better paid than the best paid actress … That is 35.5 million against 26 million. Even if the biggest paychecks of the cinema pay inequalities are obvious, it is that we really have a little worry …


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