Is It Bad To Leave Your Phone Charging All Night At 100%?

Can you leave your phone plugged in overnight? Like everyone else, I’m willing to bet you put it to charge before bed. It’s understandable, at night, we don’t use our phone… we sleep! The time therefore seems ideal to plug in your phone and get up with a 100% battery. But there is a big, big problem!

Actually, it’s very bad to do that for the drums. In the long term, it damages it and reduces the life of your phone. I explain here why it is bad to leave your phone charging overnight. And of course, I also show you how to charge it correctly, without damaging the battery.

Why shouldn’t you change your phone overnight?

Why shouldn't you charge your phone overnight

The question is more complex than it seems. I’ll explain why: Almost all modern smartphones have a lithium-ion battery. The main advantage is that it allows very fast charging. Indeed, the battery easily reaches 100% in just 1 to 2 hours. Impressive! But… on the other side.

Indeed, if you leave your phone plugged in all night, it has a negative effect. That means it spends most of the night at full charge. Eh yes… Even after 100% is reached, the phone is plugged in, so it continues to charge.

The battery undergoes dozens of mini charges between 99% and 100%

The battery undergoes dozens of mini charges between 99% and 100%

Of course, smartphones have systems that automatically stop the current when the battery is at 100%. Except that when you’re not using it, your phone discharges slightly. Including at night. So, as soon as the battery drops to 99%. The system restarts the load to reach 100% again. And so on… all night long.

As a result, your device undergoes dozens of “mini-charges” like this, every night. You guessed it: these repeated mini charges have a negative effect on the batteries. Not only does it overheat smartphones, but it also reduces their autonomy. And not to mention the electricity bill!

Keeping your phone plugged in all night drains the battery

Keeping your phone plugged in all night drains the battery

The worst is if you do this every night with your phone. There, it is almost guaranteed to end up with premature battery damage. What if you only do it once in a while? Occasionally, overnight charging is unlikely to negatively impact the battery. But what if, on the contrary, you systematically plug in your phone all night long? You will undoubtedly see a negative effect.

Your device becomes less and less efficient over time. But then, how to charge your phone WITHOUT reducing the life of its battery? Let’s see together the most effective method in the next point.

Do multiple short charges rather than one long charge

Do multiple short charges rather than one long charge

Sometimes the power outlet is not next to the bed… And you know you won’t have time to plug in your phone the next morning to be 100%. In a situation like this, what to do? No choice but to plug in your smartphone while you go to bed, right?

Well, no: think again! Indeed, experts recommend doing several short charges rather than a single long one. Concretely, here is how you can charge your phone WITHOUT damaging the battery: Charge it for just an hour or two before going to bed. And, before you go to sleep, unplug the charger. Remember to put it in airplane mode, to use as little battery as possible.

Charge the phone in the morning when you get ready

Charge the phone in the morning when you get ready

Another alternative: plug in your phone first thing in the morning, while you get ready for the day. None of these options work for you? So, you can simply charge your phone in several small charges throughout the day. Especially at work by connecting it to your computer, for example. All manufacturers say it’s much better for battery life!

Keep your battery between 30% and 80%

Keep your battery between 30% and 80%

Many leave their phones plugged in all night for another reason… Because it’s the only time of the day when you have enough time to charge it 100%! Are you also saying the same thing to yourself? Well, I have great news for you… In reality, charging your phone’s battery to 100% is not as important as you think.

On the contrary! To increase the life of your smartphone’s lithium-ion batteries: Always keep a charge between 30% and 80%. Now let’s see together what Apple and Samsung are saying on the subject.

What are Samsung and Apple saying on the subject?

What are Samsung and Apple saying on the subject

Does it really make a big difference? According to the manufacturers, frankly! Apple explains: “If your iPhone is left fully charged for extended periods of time, the battery may lose some of its life”.

Same story with Android smartphone manufacturers. For example, here is what Samsung says about it: “Do not leave your phone plugged in for long periods of time or overnight”.

And also, from Huawei: “Keeping your battery level between 30% and 70% helps extend its life”. So. it’s official: charge your phone, but never to 100% and never leave the battery completely flat. I can’t stress this enough.

Forget about long charges throughout the night to have a 100% battery. To increase its lifespan, it is better to do small charging sessions throughout the day. Maybe you don’t have access to a power outlet during the day? So, for more peace of mind, I advise you to buy a power bank. In the event of a problem, it allows you to quickly recharge your smartphone.

Protect your phone from heat

Protect your phone from heat

One last thing… If you absolutely must charge your phone overnight, avoid doing so in a hot environment. So, some tips: Place it on a cool, hard surface where heat dissipates more easily. This avoids damaging your battery even more, in addition to all these repeated “mini-charges”.

Similarly, put it in a place away from direct sunlight, lamps, windows, radiators… In short, you will have to protect your smartphone from the heat. It is perhaps the worst enemy of lithium-ion batteries! And of course: If you wake up in the middle of the night, and the battery is between 30% and 80%… Unplug it!


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