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Writing articles or blog posts can be very hectic especially if you are on a tight deadline and had a long frustrating day. Another problem that is frequently faced by many writers is creative burnout or writer’s block. A situation like this can be very overwhelming and this is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing tools like Jasper AI tool come in.

Jasper AI writing Tool

Jasper AI is a writing tool that not only writes original content but at a much faster speed. So, Jasper AI can take care of all your writing tasks including copywriting, blog posts, articles, emails, landing page content, sales funnel copies, and much more. Unlike any other AI writing tools, the content you get would be suitable to rank on search engines.

If you are stuck and don’t know if it’s worth using or not, then you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Jasper AI writing tool. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

  • What Is Jasper AI or Jarvis Tool?
  • Why Use Jasper AI?
  • How to Use Jasper AI?
  • Who Can Use Jasper AI?
  • What Are the Features of Jasper AI?
  • Can Jasper AI Write Articles and Blog Posts Fast?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Jasper AI
  • How to Use Jasper AI for Free?
  • Our Review of Jasper AI Copywriting Tool
  • Alternatives Of Jasper AI?
  • Is it Worth Buying and Using Jasper AI Tool?
  • Conclusion

What Is Jasper AI or Jarvis Tool?

Jasper AI was previously known as Jarvis AI. This is a writing tool that uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to write original and engaging content for you within no time. In simple words, tools like Jasper AI are the future of content writing. If you are someone who requires content in bulk at a fast pace, then Jasper AI is what you’re looking for.

This writing tool generates the content according to the marketing guidelines and is not limited to just blog posts and articles. It offers you all types of writing services with a much higher conversion rate. Using the Jasper AI writing tool, you can get content in more than 25 languages. So, think of it as a writing and translation tool at the same time.

Another thing to mention is that the content is SEO optimized which is usually the concern of the writers before using any AI writing tool. This makes it the software that handles all your writing tasks.

Why Use Jasper AI?

What else would you need if you had a copywriting tool that could write articles and blog posts faster than you can imagine? Not only that it also has the ability to write every type of content while following all the marketing guidelines. Just to be clear there are several reasons why you should use Jasper Ai but here we’ve listed a few:

  • Saves the cost of hiring a writer to write articles and blog posts.
  • Don’t have to worry about creative burnout or writer’s block.
  • Helps in brainstorming ideas for copywriting.
  • Follows all the SEO aspects so that your articles/blogs can rank higher.
  • It can make your content engaging and increase your conversion rate.
  • Save a lot of time and cost of writing or hiring a writer.
  • Get content in more than 25 languages.
  • Can generate scripts, email content, and ad copy.

These are some of the reasons that can help you make your decision whether you should opt for Jasper AI or not.

How to Use Jasper AI?

Using Jasper AI is pretty simple and easy for anyone to learn. You can get used to it within a few minutes. As we know Jasper AI can be used for different types and styles of writing, so we’ll guide you on how to write articles and blog posts. It basically gives you three options to write a blog post or article.

  1. Blog post workflow
  2. Start from scratch
  3. Start from a recipe

To get started you have to buy “Boss Mode Plan” because it gives access to the “Long Form Assistant” tool that is used for writing long-form content. Once you’ve purchased the Boss Mode Plan you just have to follow the steps.

1.     How to Write Articles Fast Using Jasper AI Blog Post Workflow Option?

  • Sign in to your Jasper Ai dashboard then select templates and click on long-form assistant.
  • Now you’ll have two options “start from scratch” or “blog post workflow”. Choose a blog post workflow to proceed.
  • Next, you must explain what content you want Jasper AI to generate. For example, “Article on Best oil for hair growth. Include all the benefits and nutrition in detail”. You can also add keywords you want to target in your content and then click on continue.
  • After that, you can either write a blog post title or click on generate ideas. If you click on generate ideas, it will give you different suggestions to choose your title. Select the blog title and continue.
  • Now comes the introduction paragraph. If you can’t think of an engaging intro paragraph, then click on generate ideas. Again, this will give you some brilliant blog intro paras to choose from.
  • Once done with that click the “Open Editor” button and a document will be created based on your choices. Now all you have to do is write subheadings and starting lines then press the compose button. Jasper AI will write the content itself.

2.    How to Write Articles Fast Using Jasper AI Start from Scratch Option?

  • Sign in to your Jasper Ai dashboard then select templates and click on long form assistant.
  • Now you’ll have two options “start from scratch” or “blog post workflow”. Choose “start from scratch” to continue.
  • After that, you must input the Title and Content Brief (which topics you want to be covered in this article).
  • You also have the optional sections where you can input your keywords and Tone of Voice. The tone of voice will let Jasper AI know in which tone the content should be written. Whether it is formal, casual, or professional.
  • Now select the length of content you want. You have the options S, M, and L (Small, Medium, Long) to select the length of your content.
  • Finally, write the layout of your article or use boss mode commands and click on the “Compose” button.

3.    How to Write Articles Fast Using Jasper AI Recipe Option?

As you know you can write commands in Jasper AI to generate content. However, the common problem faced by many is that they don’t know which commands they should use. Don’t worry about that because you can use the Jasper AI Recipe option. It has ready-to-use commands that can be utilized to generate content.

  • Visit the Jasper AI dashboard and go to the Recipe tab on the left side of your screen.
  • Now you’ll see a bunch of ready-to-use recipe options that you can choose. Find the “Blog Post Recipe” and click on it then click on the Open recipe button.
  • After that list of commands will appear on your screen that you just have to complete and click on the “Run” button on the top right corner.
  • Before clicking on the “Run” button make sure you change the variables with the title of your article. For example, “Write about [Your topic]” so change it with your topic like “Write about Green Energy”.
  • You’ll also have an explainer video on your page that you can watch if you are still confused. Finally, you’ll have your content ready.

Who Can Use Jasper AI?

Jasper AI is for everyone who publishes any form of written content online and also for writers. To sum up we can say that all the individuals who need eye-catching content with a fast turnaround. If we list each one of those who can use Jasper AI, then the list won’t end. However, we’ve listed a few who can include Jasper AI in their must-have software/tools.

  1. YouTubers who need attractive video titles, descriptions, and scripts.
  2. Affiliate marketing and SEO specialists who need SEO-optimized content or blogs from different niches.
  3. Content writers, and bloggers who are stuck and can’t find new creative ideas to write fresh content.
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts and influencers instantly need engaging content to draw the attention of their audience.
  5. E-commerce business owners who want perfect descriptions for their products and web copy.
  6. Email marketers and ad experts are in need of ad copy to increase conversion rates.

We can simply say that it is for everyone who has any writing task but must be for digital marketing agencies and writers.

What Are the Features of Jasper AI?

Now we’ll talk about the Jasper AI writing assistant features that you’ll get if you avail of their premium package. It has 2 premium packages “Starter Plan” and “Boss Mode”. We’d suggest that you get the “Boss Mode” package because there is not much of a price difference and you’d get all the features you can think of. We’ve listed some of the features of Jasper AI down below:

  • 50+ ready-to-use templates to help you generate content.
  • Content can be generated in more than 25 languages.
  • SEO mode that helps in making your content SEO optimized.
  • Plagiarism checker integrated to check your content.
  • Grammarly is also integrated to make your content error-free.
  • Includes many frameworks like AIDA to help in lead generation.
  • 100% original and authentic content with keyword insertion.

Can Jasper AI Write Articles and Blog Posts Fast?

Yes, you can write articles and blog posts faster using the Jasper AI tool. To be a little more precise we can say that you will get your content 5-7 times faster. Since it uses AI that increases the speed at which it can generate content. If we give you an example, then it has the ability to generate around 1500 words article in less than 20 minutes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jasper AI

Everything has some pros and cons. Similarly, if we talk about software or tools in the IT industry every software or tool has some pros and cons. However, we can still determine if a certain tool is worth a try or not if its advantages are so amazing that you are willing to ignore its disadvantages. So here we’ve listed some advantages and disadvantages of Jasper AI.

Advantages of Jasper AI

  1. Helps write better content with a very easy interface.
  2. Saves a lot of time and you can generate amazing content within a few minutes.
  3. Very affordable in terms of the features provided and has amazing pricing plans.
  4. Brainstorm ideas for your content and create a content outline as well.
  5. Integration of tools like Grammarly and plagiarism checker.
  6. Offers a money-back guarantee to their customers with 24/7 customer support.
  7. Multiple language support and ability to be used as a translator.
  8. One-stop solution for all your writing needs while following marketing guidelines.

Disadvantages of Jasper AI

  1. Non-availability issue on mobile devices.
  2. It is still in its early stages.
  3. Although the chances of irrelevant content are very slim there is a 1-2% chance of irrelevant content.

How to Use Jasper AI for Free?

You can use the Jasper AI tool for free as you get a 5-day free trial. During the free trial period, you’ll be awarded free credit of 10,000 words. You simply have to sign up to Jasper AI and you can claim a 5-day free trial. If you want to buy a premium package, then it starts at $29 for a starter and $59 for boss mode.

Our Review of Jasper AI Copywriting Tool

There is no doubt in saying that Jasper AI is one of the best among the writing assistant tools. The number of features and ease of generating quality content with such affordable pricing plans make it a highly recommended software.

We also can’t deny the fact that it has more than thousands of satisfied customers. On major review platforms like Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2 it has a 4.8/5 rating with more than 1000 reviews.

Alternatives Of Jasper AI?

As we mentioned earlier we’ll be covering everything in this article, so we’ve also listed Jasper AI alternatives. If you still don’t think that it is the right fit for your requirements, then some alternatives include:

  • WriteSonic
  • CopyAI
  • CopySmith
  • ClosersCopy
  • Rytr

Is it Worth Buying and Using Jasper AI Tool?

Yes, the Jasper AI tool is worth buying and using especially if you are a writer or marketer who needs content in bulk or facing writer’s block. The integration of tools like Grammarly and Plagiarism Checker adds some extra points to Jasper AI. Even if you’ve bought it and facing any issues you will get 24/7 customer support. You can also use the trial version to experience it as well.


We’ll sum it up by saying that if you think Jasper Ai can help you increase your work productivity and time management then do buy it right now. Make use of these amazing writing tools to get ahead of your competitors. If you still have any queries, then you can let us know in the comment section down below.


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