How To Write A Check: Fill Out A Check Easy Steps [With Pictures]

How to write a check is something that every adult should know. It is very easy and very important to know how these types of documents are, both to be able to issue us and to make sure the check they are giving us is correct.

How To Write A Check

How Should A Bank Check Be Filled Out?

If you want to know how to write a check from any bank, simply follow the steps below:

Step#1: Write the date on the line you will find in the upper right corner.  You will find a blank space above or next to the word: “Date”.

How To Mention A Date

Step#2: Enter the name of the recipient. You must write the name of the person or company to whom you are going to deliver the check next to the text: “Pay to the order of”

How To Write A Recipient

If it’s a company and you don’t know the exact name, make sure you get that information before filling out the check. That’s the basic step of how to write a check

It is possible to make a check in the name of “cash”, although you must be very careful since anyone could cash that check.

  • If it is meant for one person write their full names and surnames.
  • If it is meant to be for an organization, company, or association, write the full name. Do not use acronyms, unless you make sure you write them explicitly.

Step#3: The amount or amounts of the check must go to the right of the currency symbol.  You have to write the exact amount, using whole numbers and cents. For example, if you know the exact amount and you are going to deliver a check for fifty-five dollars, write: “55.00”.


Step#4: Write the value of the in letters below the text:  “Pay to the order of”. Be sure to write the pennies (if the check has them) or put a “number sign” at the end of the figure so that no one can increase the amount.

HOW TO Fill Out The Value

If you are going to deliver a check or want to know how to fill out a check for $60.00, you can write: “Sixty dollars and 0/100 cents”, “Sixty dollars #” or simply “Sixty” with a horizontal line that goes from the end of the number in letters to The end of the space to write.

Step#5: Sign the check on the line in the lower right corner.  The check will not be valid if you do not put your signature. This shows that you have knowledge of how to write a check.

how to sign a check

Step#6: Fill in the memo section in the lower left corner of the check.  Although this part of the check is optional, it can be useful to write a note addressed to yourself or the recipient to remember the destination of the resources.


For example, you can write: “For the payment of the rent for the month of May”, if you want to know how to write a check for that purpose. Many companies or lessors request that you provide additional information in the memorandum section.

Some companies will ask you to write your identification number in that space. Likewise, if you are going to pay the rent of your apartment with a check, you should write its number in the memorandum section.

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Tips On How To Write A Check

  • Always draw a horizontal line if there is space after you write the value in letters. This will prevent another person from changing the figure.
  • When you write the value of the check in the corresponding box, be sure to make it as close as possible to the currency symbol. If you leave a space, unscrupulous people will try to insert an additional digit.
  • If you have an idea how to fill out a check and do not want the recipient to charge it until a certain date, write the day you want it to be done.
  • For example, if you are going to fill out a check to pay a lease in advance, but you don’t want the recipient to charge it until the first day of the corresponding month, write that date on the check.
  • However, keep in mind that a later date will not guarantee that the recipient cannot cash the check in advance.
  • Always make your signature the same way.
  • Always use a pen. It is recommended that you use a gel pen since the liquids to remove the ink will not work very well to erase what you write.
  • Always make sure you write the correct date. If you don’t know the date, write an earlier date. You can also set a later date, although not everyone will accept the check.

Warnings When Filling A Valid Check

  1. Make sure the check is filled out correctly, with the appropriate names and the exact amount of money that you are going to give to the recipient.
  2. Do not forget that it is possible to immediately deposit post-dated checks. The date is used to determine the expiration of the check (usually 7 years later, unless otherwise specified), not the closest time at which the recipient can cash it.
  3. There are unscrupulous people who promise that they will wait until the check date, when in fact they do not.

According to the way in which checks are filled, bearer, order, and nominative checks can be distinguished. In addition, all of them can be crossed to be paid through a deposit in the bank.


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