How To Convert Image To Text File Using Free Online OCR Tools

It can be a real hassle to translate text from the images. When text is portrayed as an image or some other non-selectable mode, it then becomes complicated for school or work. The only route out would be to set the eyes and fingertips to work and get them typed but there is OCR.

convert image to text file using ocr

The Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is the method of translating typed or handwritten text from objects like scanned papers or images to text format. In a simplified way or for a user’s ability to comprehend it is a technique that translates the image-based PDF or JPEG into an understandable text file. OCR programs are used with certain reports as invoices, contracts with refunds, and financial statements.

There are several benefits of using OCR services. In the enterprise, this involves eradicating manual data entry. This also speeds up the resource-saving and data processing. The chances of error are lower to a greater extent when using OCR services. It reduces the chances of error. Can also be reallocated to physical storage space. It also certainly improves efficiency. OCR technology offers businesses many benefits.

Free OCR services is a popular free OCR strategy that supports around 46 languages ranging from English to Hungarian and several others. The database can easily accommodate several image files, in addition to broad language support. This software supports PDF OCR, Photo OCR and other versions of the files.

free ocr tools

You can insert all types of PDF files including Multi-Page PDF, TIF / TIFF, JPEG / JPG, BMP, PCX, PNG, GIF, and ZIP files. The file should have a 200-400 DPI resolution to get all the latest OCR performance from the software online. The size file can be accessed up to 200 MB in size without any difficulties. After you have extracted the file, you can send it to PDF, Word, Excel, and RT.


Use the free online OCR service without having to ask permission with NewOCR. NewOCR states that after the process has been completed the files are deleted from the database. Without any need to worry about keeping your data safe and protected. This free tool claims to detect mathematical formulas, various languages, and multi-column texts in real-time. For the OCR method, you can select a page in the list.

With the NewOCR site, you can rotate the page from 90 ° to 180 ° in the clockwise to counterclockwise direction. You can access the resulting text by downloading it as a file, editing it in Google Docs, or using Google Translate to translate it. It supports low-resolution photos and 106 languages to make you comfortable.


Another free OCR scanner service from prepostseo is well known to convert images to editable files easily and quickly. This online service is free for use with no registration required to use it daily. It will ask you no email address for accessing to get the completed file for use.

The only restriction is that it claims to support the English language along with the multiple English languages and gives extraordinary outcomes from scanned papers and documents. It gives complete protection to your data by guaranteeing you to keep it safe ad protected from any of the third party. Besides, it supports different font and mathematical equations recognition.

Free online OCR

Transform your scanned physical documents into editable, searchable text using this free software. Get accurate and effective changeover to text after the OCR process through the online OCR text scanner. Upon finishing the work, the PDF OCR scanner retains the original format and design.

This OCR Scanner spins the page automatically and preserves the image layer of a scanned PDF document. The OCR scanner analyses the papers in advance and smooths them out to make the document look perfectly fine. The platform protects the information confidential and secure and also prevent data breaches after completion of the process. The built-in dictionary increases Text Recognition accuracy.


Convertio is an excellent free OCR software for uploading photos and PDFs from your desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox. This is one of those tools that equip the PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, JP2, JPEG, PBM, PCX, PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, and WEBP file formats without any kind of error. You can also conduct file upload in ZIP format to escape simultaneous file collection and uploading.

Before the OCR method, you can also convert the document’s text language to another language. To learn more about the paper, pick the specific page number for text conversion, or even whole pages. Choose the output file you want to save or transfer the document to.

Scanned PDF to Word Online

The Scanned PDF to Word Online Converter is a complete digital PDF OCR technology that helps you to convert content from scanned (image-based) PDF files into MS Word documents ready to be edited.

Scanned PDF to Word Online

Using the online PDF OCR tool to translate scanned PDF files efficiently and accurately to Word without screwing it up the layout and formatting. Simply submit your PDF to the rectangular gray section and access the converted Word document.

You can use the platform to convert as many PDF files as you want, there are completely no constraints. The tool is also strictly confidential and safe. To make the conversion you don’t have to leave your email address or other personal information.

OCR Online

Use the OCR Online OCR platform to even get better performance in comparison to both content and performance. The free online OCR tool can interpret scanning texts as well as images in around 190 languages effortlessly. You may edit, secure, discuss, and analyze the records as well as access the digital formats.

This text scanner allows the user to control the outcomes of the free OCR and PDF OCR from beginning to end as well as to modify the transformation process. Processed documents always eligible for uploading and saving are kept on cloud servers for 2 weeks. Transformed PDF files and document files to files that can be modified on either Word or Excel.

Free OCR

Free OCR is a free web OCR service that generates textual material in the language that can be modified, indexed, identified, scanned, or even interpreted from images and scanned documents.

Firstly, pick a language you want to translate the file to, then add your record to the folder, and press the “Extract text information” tab. You can get your preferred results in seconds or so and you can choose to print, and document. The operator facilitates a few uploads and an examination of multi-column data. With support for over one hundred recognition languages, Freeocr can recognize most of the languages and fonts on the field.


For web programmers finding the best type of image to a text editor is quite a challenge. As mentioned above, there are several editors available online for customers. Many of these services are cost-free, and others include the charge for their use. For every type of program, the pros and cons can be counted. The bottom line is to pick the right software you can use that fits well for you and the one you are confident with. When you learn these devices you’re not going to go back to basic image to text editors.


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