Which Crypto-Currencies To Follow In 2020? Crypto currency future

Following the downward trend of the end of 2018, many are beginning to wonder about the future of cryptocurrency in 2020, but especially which ones to follow? To try to get the maximum gain, it will be necessary to know which cryptode to bet on. Here are some ways to help you know which virtual currencies to invest in, and especially why?

future of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC)

In addition to this upward trend of the beginning of the year, Bitcoin is preparing for an interesting 2020 year, for two main reasons: the increase in speed and scalability of transactions, and the approval of investors institutional.

This combination has the potential to launch the entire market in another uptrend, although it will take time to gain ground. It should also be known that in terms of novelty, it will adopt the “Lightning Network”. It will allow transactions to take place separately from the main Bitcoin blockchain.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple, which is currently the third largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of capitalization, it is however the first in the speed of transactions. This means that Ripple is not only able to process transactions thousands of times faster than any other major payment gateway, but it is also able to do it internationally.

Ripple focused on partnering with RippleNet, a global payment network to increase liquidity, and reduce transaction costs. It currently has more than 100 partners, which helps to increase its value. The latter has essentially put in place an evolving ecosystem, and powerful partnerships. By 2020, we could very well count on motivated Ripple partners.

Ethereum (ETH)

The second largest cryptocurrency in the world in terms of capitalization, Ethereum is an important part of the industry, and entered the market in 2014 as the first cryptocurrency for the construction of contracts and contracts. intelligent applications. This led to the creation of 94 of the 100 most important pieces on Ethereum.

However, the strong increase in activity on the blockchain also led to growth problems, in the form of scalability issues. However, the main leaders of Ethereum remain confident. Their solution to the current lack of scalability of the blockchain is effective according to them. Constantinople, their first update would require could take place from January 2020.

Ethereum provides a strong and proactive response to scalability issues that have not been solved for the past two years. Faced with multiple crypto-currencies that compete for the title of money platform, Ethereum will make the most of next year if it wants to keep its first advantage of the mover.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Despite the hash war of 2018, Bitcoin Cash remains ranked 4th, and its recently updated website comes with a 2020 roadmap, which is divided into 3 sections: scaling, usability and extensibility. This year, this cryptocurrency aims to improve its 100 Tx / s to more than 5 000 000 Tx / s. But also reduce the average transaction time to 3 seconds. And finally, create an extensible protocol that facilitates the implementation of future updates.

In addition to regular maintenance scheduled for May 2020, another development upgrade is about to be launched next year under the name of Coin Shuffle. The protocol will add an extra layer of privacy, hiding transactional data at no additional cost.

Stellar (XLM)

It’s clear that Stellar resembles Ripple in several ways, but one of the most striking similarities to come in 2020 is its success in building partnerships with huge companies and what their plans for next year entail. In terms of partnership, IBM is launching Blockchain World Wire (BWW), which it describes as “the new financial rail that simultaneously clears and settles cross-border payments in near real-time” – and chose Stellar as a platform behind him.


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