Ethereum Mining Software | Best Ethereum Mining Software List

Ethereum Mining Software is included in one of the three main components of mining. This software connects your Ethereum mining equipment with the Ethereum network.

Etherum Mining Software

There are a lot of different Ethereum mining software out there with different interfaces, rates and features. This post will clarify everything related to this topic, let’s see what are the best Ethereum mining softwares.


Ethminer is one of the most popular options for Ethereum mining software. You should use the latest version of this ethereum mining software, with several other updates that take place a few weeks before.

Ethminer is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Depending on your operating system you will have to download a chord version.

In addition to Ethereum, Ethminer also allows you to mine other currencies in the Ethash algorithm such as Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Musicoin, Ellaism, Pirl, Expanse and several others.

Ethminer Etherum Mining Software

A 1% fee is charged to the developer when working with Ethminer.

The GitHub repository lists the following features:

✅ OpenCL Mining

✅ Mining Nvidia CUDA

✅ Realistic comparison with arbitrary time / DAG / block numbers

✅ Generation DAG on-GPU (no more DAG files on disk)

✅ Strata mining without a proxy

✅ Selection of OpenCL devices

✅ Failover on farms (getwork + stratum)


Wineth is one of the simplest Ethereum mining software to use. Wineth uses Ethminer components but has a self-configuration algorithm that tries to optimize the configuration of your mining equipment. However, the only other cryptocurrency that can mine is Ethereum Classic.

In return for using the ethereum mining software, Wineth charges a 1% fee on mining profits.

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The Wineth website also has a complete installation tutorial, which makes it easy for anyone to start operating Ethereum for profit.

Requirements to install and run Wineth:

➡ Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (only 64 bits)

➡ One or more GPUs with OpenCL or CUDA capability with a RAM of 3 GB or greater

➡ An Ethereum portfolio address for payments

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Mining Software

Claymore’s Dual Ethereum Mining software is also a great option, which can allow dual mining of the cryptocurrency. In addition to mining Ethereum, the software also allows you to mine Decred, Siacoin, Pascal and more without affecting Ethereum’s main extraction speed.

The developer’s standard rate is 1%, with an additional 1% if the dual mining function is also used.

Claymore's Dual Ethereum Mining Software

Users also report that their effective extraction rate of Ethereum is 3% -5% when using this ethereum mining software because the code is completely different from that of other miners.

In addition, it is reported that their actions are much less invalid and obsolete, with a higher GPU load.


Minergate is another option for ethereum mining software that supports several cryptocurrencies. Comparing from the rest of listed mining software pointed out, Minergate probably has the best user interface.

They charge between 1% and 1.5% fees in exchange for using their ethereum mining software. Additional feature of Minergate is that it will mention the cryptocurrencies that are most profitable for you to invest. For Mac miners, Minergate is compatible.


No matter which Ethereum mining software you utilize, it will always have some effect on your profits, since most mining software have a developer rate of 1%. Mining hardware will have the greatest effect on your profitability.

There different options for best Ethereum mining software, since it is mainly about personal preferences.

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If you do not want to deal with a long setup time, then Wineth could be your best option. If not, I would recommend you for using Claymores or Ethminer mining software.

Should Ethereum Mine In The Cloud?

Cloud mining is a kind of bet since it speculates on the price of Ethereum. If you think about it, why would someone sell mining services in the cloud when they could mine?

What Does Claymore Mean By Dual Mining?

With the Claymore dual miner, you can extract Ethereum and another similar algorithm cryptocurrency without sacrificing your Ethereum hash rate. Even if you do not want the other currency that dual mining has, you can sell it to get more Ethereum.

How Do I Sell My Cryptocurrency Mining Profits?

There are several exchanges that allow you to sell Ethereum by trust currency. Bitcoin, Coinbase and Local bitcoins (used in almost all countries) are the most popular around the world. If you try to sell other types of Cryptocurrencies, consider using Binance.


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