How To Download YouTube Video Without Software

How to download YouTube video without software? is the most frequently asked question these days. There are several extensions and software that allow us to download videos from YouTube to save them on our computer and be able to watch them without having to be connected to the Internet or, also, to archive them.

how to download youtube video without software

But there is a very simple way to download these videos without the need for any software, but just with the help of our browser. In this article, we will explain how to download YouTube video without software.

1. Steps To Download YouTube Video Without Software

The key is in the URL of the video we want to download. In our case, to make the tutorial on how to download YouTube video without software, we will be using the video named iPhone 11 Pro – TOP 10 UPCOMING FEATURES!!!

  1. . We have to select all the parts of the URL that are before the domain name, that is, http: // www. including the point.

select part of URL2. We delete this part of the URL that we have selected and, instead, we write the letter s twice, that is, ‘ ss‘, and we press the ‘ Enter ‘ key. You can enlarge the image to see more clearly what you should write.

write ss for www

3. Then, the browser will redirect us to the website of, where we will have a preview of the video and a list of the different formats in which we can download this YouTube video, without installing any software on our computer

redirected to savefrom net page

4. We click on the link that interests us and the download. The time it takes for the video to download completely will depend on the size and speed of our Internet connection.

5. At this time, we can verify that we already have the video downloaded on our computer and we can play it as many times as we want.

In addition, now we can see it without being connected to the Internet. Easy, right? Well, don’t wait any longer and get to it!

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2. Alternative Method On How To Download YouTube Videos Without Software

This method tells you how to download YouTube videos without software, not only that but from any other site as well regardless of whether they are hosted on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, or your own servers.

The only drawback that it can present is that it does not detect some embedded videos through JavaScript since these videos do not provide an accessible URL for the download system. For everything else, there is no video to resist!

  1. To achieve this, you just have to copy the URL of the page where you found the video you want to download and access Video Cyborg from its website

selecting URL

2. Once here, paste the address you copied into the Video Cyborg bar and press the Enter

paste URL in cyborg

3. After a brief analysis of the URL you have pasted, it will show a progress bar indicating that it is processing the video content.

how to download youtube video without software

4. When this process is finished, it will download it directly to your computer or device. It’s that simple and comfortable!

how to download youtube video without software

3. Download YouTube video by modifying the URL

If you have found a video on YouTube that interests you, you can easily download it without having to install any extension or install software on your computer so you can watch it later offline.

The first step will be to click on the browser’s address bar and remove the “ube” part from the YouTube URL and press the Enter key to execute the new address. This will cause the video to be redirected to the service, a service that will allow you to download the video directly from the browser.

Note: This 3rd and last alternative on how to download YouTube video without software may not work in some countries.


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