Different Types of Teas and Their Health Benefits

According to a study by Tea Association USA, tea is the most popular beverage in the world after water. And rightfully so it deserves to be the most common beverage as well due to its different types and health benefits besides an amazing taste. So, in this article, we will be discussing different types of Teas and their health benefits.

Green Tea Protects Your Memory

It is the largest source of catechins in nature, a type of polyphenol that, among other virtues, keeps your brain young.

This is how it benefits you:

  • These polyphenols have been shown to have a protective effect on brain cells and promote the connection between them. This improves cognitive functions: memory, concentration, and mental agility.
  • And we must not forget that the important thing to keep the brain young and fit is not the number of neurons, but the communication between them.

Black Tea For Weight Loss

Taking black tea daily is known to increase the good bacteria in your gut that promote weight loss.

What Exactly Does It Do?

  • Black tea polyphenols are too large to be absorbed by the small intestine. Not being absorbed, they stimulate the growth of certain intestinal bacteria.
  • Specifically, it increases a bacterium that favors fat burning and the increase in lean body mass, which is known by the strange name of Pseudobutyrivibrio.

Bergamot Tea Acts As Immunity Booster

Bergamot tea also known as Earl Grey tea is a type of tea that is made by combining bergamot orange extract and black tea. Bergamot tea has a high concentration of many antioxidants which help boost your immunity.

Some other key benefits include:

  • Bergamot tea helps fight H. pylori bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and reduces the chances of intestinal inflammation. In short, it is very helpful with digestive issues.
  • It is also proven to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. This tea is very good for boosting heart health as well.

Anti-Stress Matcha Tea

This fashionable Japanese tea is one of the best natural relaxants, with the advantage that it does not make you sleepy or deplete your energy, quite the opposite. That is why it is a magnificent alternative to coffee.

How It Secretly Helps you?

  • It resides in a substance with tranquilizing properties (an amino acid called L-theanine) that promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain.
  • This means that, apart from relaxing you, the caffeine it contains (don’t forget that all teas contain caffeine) is absorbed slowly, without causing increases in blood sugar or releasing cortisol (stress hormone), something that does occur with the caffeine in coffee.

White Tea That Takes Care Of Your Skin

It contains up to 3 times more polyphenols than other varieties, which is why it is a powerful antioxidant shield that slows down skin aging.

It also keeps cancer away:

  • By fighting the action of free radicals that damage your cells (both those produced by your body and those from outside), you are helping to prevent diseases such as cancer. This is revealed by a study conducted jointly by the University of New Mexico and California.

Red tea to lower cholesterol

Added to its slimming virtues is its ability to reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Is demonstrated:

  • Taking 15 g of red tea daily, divided into three doses for two months, manages to reduce these values ​​and, in addition, increases good cholesterol. A Chinese study has shown it.
  • That’s why it can help if you have a hard time keeping cholesterol at bay even if you’re on a diet.


All black, green, red, and white teas are obtained from the leaves and buds collected from the Camellia sinensis tree. Actually, what makes the difference between one type and another is the moment in which the leaves and shoots are harvested and the treatment they are given.

  • The buds used to make white tea are harvested before they open.
  • Green tea is made from unfermented leaves by simply letting them dry.
  • In the case of red, the leaves are collected semi-fermented.
  • Finally, the leaves of the so-called black tea are completely oxidized, which is why it is so aromatic.


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