Best Webcam For Streaming | Top 10 Best Webcams

After several hours of research, I made my selection of the 10 best webcam for streaming among the models currently available on the market.

Best Webcam For Streaming

For YouTube, Twitch, Skype or recordings, the best webcam for streaming is probably the Logitech HD Pro C920C.

The Best Webcam For Streaming

It is rather simple to find webcams under 50 €. But while most models are similar, I found you some ultra-competitive best webcam for streaming: comfortable viewing angle, good resolution, good ergonomics, all for a small budget.

Some sacrifices are however necessary to achieve this price: the integrated audio will never be worth that of an independent microphone, and the recording is capped at 30fps. But I promise you a picture without grains, clean, clear, balanced, in any case in high brightness.

Microsoft LifeCam HD-300: The Best Cheap Price


  • Correct viewing angle (70 °)
  • Title of the service
  • Balance of colors close to perfection
  • Sound system correct


  • No adjustment on the vertical axis

In the world of streaming, HD becomes indispensable. Avoiding noise, blurry images, and noise is a corporate image, especially if you have professional use of your best webcam for streaming.

The Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 is the most economical option that offers at least 720p and a comfortable 30 fps.

By cons, let’s say from the outset, this best webcam for streaming does not have the best finishes. It is very light, with a simple plastic shell that contrasts slightly with the LifeCam ranges, usually stronger.

It is important to emphasize the usefulness of the small adjustable support, with a rubber coating, which allows easy installation on a screen.

This support can also be used as a single foot, but its stability is not optimal. The ergonomics are correct, but it lacks some essentials. For example, you can rotate the webcam from left to right – and it’s still convenient – but not up and down.

Notebook users will be bothered by this gap, since this best webcam for streaming poses the same problem as that integrated into the device. To adjust it, you can only tilt the screen.

Despite these small flaws, Microsoft has sold it as the best webcam for streaming in terms of image quality in a price range yet competitive. What is it really?

As a reminder, a minimum of 2GB of RAM is recommended to stream videos to 720p in good conditions. The Microsoft LifeCam firmware only works (of course) on Windows. The opposite would have surprised us.

The Chromebook OS and other operating systems, however, recognize the best webcam for streaming as an image device for the different chat software.

The image quality is actually very advantageous. In 16: 9, we easily reach the promised 30 frames per second and 720p resolution. However, these performances are often restrained by Skype or Facebook servers.

Regarding the viewing angle, the LifeCam HD-3000 is correct: 70 degrees is above average for entry-level webcams. This is enough for a stream with a single interlocutor, but not for a multi-stream.

The color balance is close to perfection, with an automatic correction of the bluish effect often attributed to the return of the screen.

Similarly, the webcam automatically balances the brightness, without loss of quality, for recordings in the dark. The result is indeed an excellent rendering for a webcam at this price.

The audio is of course integrated. However, for entry-level webcams do not expect much. The microphone is, however, equipped with a relatively effective noise suppressor.

It is omnidirectional and well calibrated for the tone of the voice, even if we regret a volume a little weak. It remains a good alternative to the integrated hardware of your PC.

Logitech C270: A Small Greedy Camera


  • HD recording 30 ips
  • Good image quality even in low light
  • Correct audio


  • Does not have all the features of Logitech software

On the sidelines of the flagship model of the C920 (which I discuss a little later), the C270 has been touted as the entry-level version of Logitech, the PC peripherals specialist. Entry-level, of course, but still with a 720p HD sensor.

It actually has the same visual and sound technology as its big sister: Right Light and Right Sound, which allow these best webcam for streaming to ensure excellent image quality and sound quality (for a webcam at this price). any case devoid of noise such as Larsen effect.

And the good news? Logitech has one of the most compatible OS firmware. Chromebook is one of them, since the brand has made a point of ensuring the compatibility of this operating system with its peripherals.

Logitech software is one of the best designed. It’s common to almost every model since 2015-2016. This model is an exception because, unlike the C920 or C615 models that I am talking about later, it does not have the instant sharing feature on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the battery of postproduction options is at the rendezvous, including some basic editing functions to prepare your video and put it online in a few clicks.

The quality of images, if it is less than with the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000, is still at the rendezvous, with a faithful colorimetry and good contrasts. And, unlike the model that I present to you just after, this image quality is preserved even in low light. The audio capture is very correct for an entry-level model, even managing to capture sounds far enough, without being overwhelmed by unwanted noise.

In the end, it is a small camera with excellent value for money, and a very interesting software (although it is not as complete as the other Logitech models that I am talking about then).

But since his budget, at the time of writing these lines, is higher than that of the HD-3000, while its image quality is a little less, I recommend it less than the Microsoft model.

Microsoft Lifecam Cinema: A Powerful Microsoft Variant Despite Its Age


  • Good image quality in daylight
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Autofocus


  • Overexposure in low light
  • Poor audio quality

Here is the oldest model of my selection, since this best webcam for streaming dates from 2010, already, but it continues to convince in the world of streaming.

Unlike the LifeCam HD-3000, this webcam from Microsoft has very good finishes. Its 360 ° horizontal rotation makes it quite malleable. It just lacks a vertical rotation that would compensate for the tilt of the screen.

Its flexible rubber foot also allows it to easily hold on any type of support, including directly on the desktop itself.

The 720p sensor with autofocus and a truly HD recording at 30 ips is made of a very good quality lens. In broad daylight, the image quality is also clearly at the rendezvous.

On the other hand, in low light, there is a phenomenon of overexposure, which erases all the details present in full light, and thus makes the best webcam for streaming almost unusable if it is not thanks to a lamp of booster.

By cons, the audio is really disappointing, and this best webcam for streaming will necessarily be used in coupling with a microphone if you intend to stream. The microphone sensitivity is very low and, if you increase it, the microphone picks up all the ambient noise.

Finally, in terms of software, Microsoft is quite disappointing with this microphone, especially when compared with Logitech: it is a bit amateurish. The video capture function and photo, if it is fun at first, tired quickly enough.

In the end, if this webcam has an excellent quality / price ratio, it is limited in its use in low light and audio level. Given the price drop experienced by the two previous models, it may be less interesting today than they are.

The Best Mid-Range Webcams

In the tight best webcam for streaming market, 20 or 30 extra euros can make all the difference.

The models I selected in this section combine a number of advantages: image quality, wider viewing angle, transportability options, ergonomics … Everything has been examined.

Logitech HD Pro C920: The Best Midrange


  • Wide angle (90 °)
  • Full HD 30 ips
  • Awesome audio quality


  • No pivot on the horizontal axis

Undisputed champion of the webcam since 2012. The C920 has revolutionized the market, and no other best webcam for streaming has since offered such a value for money.

Top sales in Europe, streamers favorite webcam, recommended for beginners Youtubers … What makes the success of the Logitech C920, even several years after its release?

Let’s talk about design first. It is hard not to be charmed by the ergonomic choice of a rectangular webcam while length. It is a 90-degree wide angle webcam, framed by two microphone sensors.

If most of the device is plastic, the lens is covered with a glass plate that limits the dust deposit.

We regret a small point: the webcam does not rotate on a horizontal axis. Its wide angle of view compensates for this defect, but it will be necessary to turn to the Logitech C930e to benefit from this option of ergonomics.

Under the best webcam for streaming, there is a screw thread to fix it on a support. The tripod is not included, but like the entire Logitech accessory battery, it is inexpensive. We can thus find a flexible arm, an adjustable metal tencro or a monopod .

Surprised, for a webcam? Not when we know that it offers a photo capture of no less than 15 megapixels.

One of the great strengths of the C920 Pro is the integrated compression. On most models, the webcam boasts HD or FHD, then hot potatoes to your computer that, if its performance does not allow it to stream at this rate, will take care of compressing the image. A series of tasks that can impact the number of frames per second, so.

With the C920 Pro, you get built-in compression. The information sent via USB is stable, ready to be uncompressed and streamed without additional work for the computer. The first notable result is impeccable stability of 1080 on Skype, even in Wi-Fi.

The ips value shows a good average between 25 and 30, for a visually comfortable stream. In low light, on the other hand, the integrated software hurts its work. It is better still pass yourself by the parameters of the best webcam for streaming to increase the gain.

If we give ourselves this pain, the image offers however one of the best qualities in the dark, with a colorimetry which remains balanced and an ips which does not fall below 20.

The software offer I mentioned for the C270 is the same, but in full version this time. There’s a host of sharing, setup and post-production options, including editing features. If these are obviously limited, it’s enough to assemble video samples and export them directly to YouTube.

This quality of streaming makes it a very good option for platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Best webcam for streaming and gamers? At this price, there is no doubt.

Logitech C922 Pro Stream: An Even Better C920


  • Image quality further improved compared to the C920
  • Full HD 30 ips
  • Awesome audio quality


  • No pivot on the horizontal axis

Let’s say it directly, the C922 looks a lot like the C920 model, released a little over four years ago. It takes the sensor equipped with its Full HD glass lens and its two omnidirectional microphones, all its advantages and its only drawback (no rotation on the vertical axis). But why talk about it then? Simply because she is even better than her model.

Mountable on a tripod for desktop use, it is equipped with a rubber-lined clip that allows it to be hung on almost any screen.

Where it predominantly takes precedence over the C920, it is in terms of image quality, where it is even more powerful, with recording 1080 p at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps.

The audio quality, it is always at the rendezvous, this best webcam for streaming is equipped with the same ambient noise filter system.

To conclude very simply, I would say to you that, if one day, on the shelves of the store, you find the C920 and the C922 at the same price, go ahead on this last model, which took all the good points of the former by improving still its image quality.

But at the moment, its higher price makes it a lesser choice compared to the eternal champion C920, unless you really have very greedy needs in terms of image quality.

Logitech C615: The Hyper-Portable Full HD


  • Hyper portable
  • Full HD
  • 360 ° swivel on horizontal axis and tilt on vertical axis


  • Remains a bit expensive compared to price declines of previous models

It is again Logitech that is in the spotlight in this section, with a model that has also remained one of the top selling in the world since its release in 2015, the C615. All this was allowed via three key words: portability, flexibility, and full HD.

The first point is portability. Light, small, and yet devilishly effective. It can be folded to protect the lens and slip into a bag with its included 95 cm cable.

The second point is flexibility. Ergonomics is very, very well thought on this small Logitech webcam. Some of the features are even bitterly regretted on some new models of the brand.

For example, it rotates 360 degrees on a horizontal axis, one of the only ones to offer this advantage. You can also tilt the webcam on a vertical axis, and even if this movement is a bit limited it can effectively compensate the tilt of the screen.

And the third point is of course Full HD. The photos are impeccable, with 8Mpx. In video recording we reach the promised 1080p and 35 frames per second In stream, we reach 720p, and a stable average of 30 frames per second.

The angle of view, it is 74 degrees, a somewhat reduced performance that is nevertheless sufficient for a single interlocutor.

The color is correct, and if the autofocus lacks a bit of responsiveness, it is still a good point. In the dark, the color balance turns a little blue, but the level of contrast is correct and ensures good readability of the image.

Built-in audio does not compete with more expensive models, nor with those of the C920 and C922 series, but the integrated mono microphone is fully functional, with good noise cancellation calibration.

In conclusion, I would say that the Logitech C615 is one of the best budget options for professional use. But despite a solid firmware, it is not at the level of the C920, we find today for a lower price.

The Best High-end Webcams

Beyond 100 €, the webcam is transformed. It is a feat of miniaturization of the characteristics of a camera.

Logitech BRIO: The Best High-End


  • 4K
  • Digital zoom x5
  • Large capacity


  • Light visible only in low light

The Logitech BRIO is a real versatile model, who knows how to give the best for a job interview as for a gaming session.

It was supposed to be the 2015 dream option for Youtubers. And if the launch of the BRIO was not done without some scratches, it remains an excellent option in this area.

Ergonomics and design are a feat of miniaturization. The outer coating is smooth, elegant with excellent finish. But what is even more remarkable is its very small size. It is not much bigger than the C920 for example. Yet, it embodies sacred performances.

4K! At this point, it is difficult even to find a recording platform that supports such a format. Most conferencing software is capped at Full HD. Logitech therefore pushes the compression work already implemented in the C920 to the extreme.

As a result, if your internet connection holds up, you can expect 35-40 fps with 1080p in stream, and of course 4K quality in delayed recording.

The webcam is also equipped with a 5x digital zoom. But you should know that the quality deteriorates greatly beyond 3x.

By cons, for the first time, the generic firmware Logitech seems a little limited. It is therefore interesting to complete the suite with Broadcasting Software, for example, which allows you to play more with the video options and to obtain control over the image sharpness at the height of its native quality.

Be careful thought to have a computer powerful enough to support the 4K, otherwise you face two scenarios disaster.

The first is to have to cap the stream at 1080p: in this case, you could have bought the C920 for the same performance and you lost at least a hundred euros. The second is to have a video 4K badly encoded, with regular jerks.

I advise the BRIO on computers that can allocate at least 4GB of RAM, not to mention the extra power that some professional editing software can ask for.

But if you are properly equipped, there is no picture. The Logitech BRIO is probably the only best webcam for streaming on the market to seriously compete with digital cameras.

In terms of additional features, since it is versatile, the BRIO sometimes tends to scatter in all directions. But some options really deserve to be highlighted. This is the first webcam equipped with HDR – an infrared sensor to correct the brightness.

Background detection is also fun, since it allows you to replace the scenery with any chosen image. You can blur the background or put the Eiffel Tower. The result is nice, but not enough to hide the pizza boxes at the HRD of your future box.

However, we can question the relevance of a 3D facial recognition system, supposed to ensure compatibility with the unlocking system via facial recognition. But I probably spent too much time on Chromebook to really appreciate this type of very Windows 10 tool.

It also offers the option – superfluous and frankly scary – to be activated in motion detection to use a security camera. But in the absence of a built-in software support to alert you if activated, this is the best way to accidentally record 18 hours of videos from your cat in Ultra HD. Said like that, why not?

In short, the BRIO is greedy, and expensive, but the quality is clearly there. If you think you have the equipment and the budget to allow you such a jewel, do not hesitate.

Razer Kiyo: A Webcam Designed For Gamers


  • bright
  • Good image quality
  • Good ergonomics


  • No integrated software

Released late 2017, it is the youngest and on of the best webcam for streaming in my selection. And as it is proposed by Razer, it is not surprising that it was specifically designed for streaming. His little plus compared to the competition. The light!

A big challenge of the streamers, at the moment is a correct integration of the incrustation. But between the green background and efficient face lighting and no shadows (count on at least two projectors), you need a large enough room exclusively dedicated to your streaming.

The Razer Kiyo bypasses the problem by providing on its periphery a ring of 12 LEDs, a little like the light rings used in photography. Within 3 meters of your screen, the result is satisfactory, the best result being about one meter (10 Lux).

It is also possible to adjust the intensity of the lighting on 12 levels via a notched wheel, which prevents you from being embarrassed during your phase of play.

And the image quality in all this? In fact, the lighting makes it possible to have ideal lighting conditions at any time, which guarantees you a detailed image on any occasion, even if the result does not match that of the Logitech BRIO, since the definition is not not so fine (no 4K).

By cons, this webcam has a major lack of ergonomics in that it does not offer dedicated software for settings. It is amazing that Razer did not use at least part of its famous Synapse software, because it is a big defect compared to the competition.

In the end, I would say that this best webcam for streaming offers an original system that will allow streamers needing inlay to make the correct images without having to invest in a complete studio.

On the other hand, more expensive than the C920 (whose image quality is comparable) and with an image of lesser quality than the BRIO, it will still have a little trouble, in my opinion, to find its place in relation to Logitech competition.

How To Choose Your Best Webcam for Streaming?

Notebook-based webcams are becoming more and more efficient, and the alternatives offered by tablets, smartphones and more being more numerous, the best webcam for streaming market has changed little in recent years.

Nevertheless, at the initiative of Youtubers, streamers, or professionals taking advantage of the progressive dematerialization of work, some brands continue against all odds to offer innovative products.

The market, therefore, is essentially divided into two: on the one hand, there are cameras focused on the business world – sophisticated gadgets designed for conferences with several – and on the other hand, there is cameras focused on streaming. It is to them that I focus in particular in this article.

Technical Characteristics

Some points are essential to take into account before buying best webcam for streaming.

Native Video Quality

It may seem odd, but native video quality is not the most important value to watch, even if it’s the one that manufacturers are going to bludgeon you the most.

Indeed, most streaming platforms are capped in Full HD (1080p). So, beware of models that offer too much: on the one hand, you will need a computer powerful enough to support it and, secondly, it may be incompatible with the platform you using.

Frames Per Second

The image value per second announced by the seller was recorded under ideal conditions. If you do not have the required minimum performance, it may be lower.

From 30 fps, it is considered that the image is of good quality.

The Microphone

The quality of the built-in microphones varies a lot. Below 100 €, it is often insufficient for a YouTube audience or Twitch.

In general, we recommend the use of a headset with microphone, or an independent microphone. In this area, USB capacitors are the most comfortable option.

The Field Of Vision

Is the field of vision so important? Yes and no. It all depends on your need for registration. If you are alone in front of your camera, a field a little narrow is not embarrassing.

But if you often communicate with others, there is nothing more annoying than having to huddle together to avoid being out of bounds.

A 60-degree field is a minimum for one person. 90 degrees becomes comfortable for two speakers. Generally, only conference cameras exceed 100 degrees, reaching a wide angle of 180 degrees for some.

Alternatives To The Webcam

Is webcam still the best option for streamer? The question is posed seriously in professional circles. If some models have evolved, you will find that few of them, today, offer a video quality really satisfactory.

Most good quality YouTube videos use a camera and export the video after a post-production. But what option for streamers?

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Webcam

The best webcam for streaming have their advantages! On the one hand, they are less expensive. On the other hand, they are obviously easy to install and can be connected to any computer without the need for a specific power supply.

But they have their share of disadvantages. You cannot decorate the lens with accessories or filters, the zoom is often very limited (if there is one), and the setting options are not many. There is nothing in a w

The Camera

ebcam that can really satisfy a professional video capture.

What you need, if anything, is an HDMI camera. A camera that has an HDMI output connects directly to a computer. You need to use an encoder box to compress and format the content, while streaming it. The recorded latency is usually half a second if you use recognized encoders.

The advantage is that for about 200 € you can have a professional stream set-up, which ends up competing with the high-end best webcam for streaming. They are suitable for both capture and stream, provide a more stable ips (if your encoding box is good), and an incomparable video quality.

They will however be more difficult to configure for mainstream platforms like Skype or Facebook.

The Action Cam

The intermediate solution adopted by many Youtubers? The action cams. They are inexpensive and their performance is increasing!


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