Best Sunglasses for Men – Top 10 Sunglasses for Men 2020

Sunglasses are very popular accessories for both women and men. Countless models are on sale in fashion boutiques. To find the rare pearl or best sunglasses for men, we must look at many features. You must mainly choose the copy that suits your style. In this light, it is essential to focus on the mount.

Best Sunglasses for Men

Evaluate its quality and do not forget to consider the material with which it was made. Depending on the material, the glasses can become more or less heavy and therefore more or less comfortable. To help you choose the right specimen, here are two products recommended by recent buyers.

First, the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer which is a timeless model. This accessory offers optimal protection of your eyes against ultraviolet rays. There is also the Rivacci 395 B-2M3 one of the best pairs of trendy glasses of the year.

How To Choose Best Sunglasses For Men?

Best sunglasses for men are a must-have fashion accessory to bring out your elegance. Follow our shopping guide carefully for the best sunglasses for men, so you can easily find the right model for your taste and face.

On each of the models proposed, study one by one the 3 characteristics that will influence your choice: the style of the frame, the material of manufacture and the protective glasses.

Purchase Guide

The Style Of The Mount

Choose your new best sunglasses for men according to the shape of your face so as not to spoil your look. To do this, follow our advice. If you have a rather angular face, opt for curved frames. On the other hand, if you have a round face, opt for a geometric mount.

When using a price comparator, look for best sunglasses for men that fit the size of your temples. For your comfort, they should not slip by themselves and should fit well with your morphology, without interfering with the movements of the different expressions on your face.

They are proportional to your face, when they do not hide your eyebrows and do not touch your cheekbones. Pay particular attention to the weight of the frame and avoid glasses that are too heavy to avoid charging your face.

To ensure you find quality best sunglasses for men, we advise you to look for recognized brands, such as Ray-Ban, Rivacci, Vans and X-Cruze.

The Material Of The Frame

If you’re wondering, “how to buy best sunglasses for men at a better price? », Take into account the material of the frame, because your comfort depends on it. However, make your choice according to your priority: originality, aesthetics or comfort?

Plastic sunglasses are available in many colors and patterns and are cheaper. They are, however, less solid. The models in cellulose acetate offer a neat design with original colors.

The carbon fiber frames are lightweight for long-term use. Titanium sunglasses are also an alternative for those who prefer lightness. They are also very popular with athletes. To vary the offers, many other materials are used by the manufacturers, in this case alloys, aluminum, wood and precious materials.

Protective Glasses

From one model to another, the options offered are varied to ensure your comfort. You may be wondering where to buy new best sunglasses for men. We only advise you to avoid buying them on a vendor display on the sly, if you want to have a pair with better protection against UV rays.

Please note that models with the 100% UV400 mark allow for total UV filtering. Those who offer polarized lenses give you a great feeling of comfort by removing the glare produced by a dazzling surface. They are great for drivers.

Those equipped with photochromic lenses cannot change glasses at any time, regardless of light conditions. They automatically adapt to the light intensity of the place.

The Best Sunglasses For Men 2020

Through this comparison of best sunglasses for men, discover the sunglasses adapted to your face and your personality. You will know how to choose the best sunglasses for men 2020, preventing you from buying a bad product and losing your money unnecessarily.

Recommended Products

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

Main Advantage

Who does not know the Ray Ban brand? Adored by the stars, the New Wayfarer model is on the front page of several magazines. In addition to protecting you from the sun, it will give you a look of people.

Main Drawback

To have glasses as trendy, you have to pay a large enough amount. But taking into account its quality, it is an investment.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

To an exceptional model, an exceptional score of 9.9 out of 10! Gentlemen, if you are looking for your next pair of best sunglasses for men, do not hesitate to make this choice.

Main Explained Characteristics

It’s Mount

To choose the best sunglasses for men, you should primarily base yourself on your face shape. Fortunately, the New Wayfarer is a go-anywhere model. The mount is neither too round nor too square. All men can wear this model elegantly, without fear of making a fashion faux pas.

Whether you’re looking for stylish, classic or simplistic looks, this pair will accentuate your outfit while adding a charm to your look. Ray Ban once again gave this iconic model a timeless structure. So do not just rely on its price, because the investment is quite profitable.

Plus, you can wear it regularly without worrying about your outfit and the occasion. And if you are not satisfied with certain frame colors, you will have the choice between an almost infinite catalog of colors.

Its Solidity

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer is a pair of glasses made of plastic. But not just any plastic, a high-end plastic that has been chosen especially for its strength. In addition to contributing to the robustness of this accessory.

it also offers a special lightness that allows you to put your glasses every day, without worries. Men are known for their manhood. And these Ray-Ban are made in your own image.

These are indeed glasses that are not afraid of shocks or blows and falls. Try and you will see! By the way, most users have had their model for years. This proves that by buying it, you are investing in a product that will keep you going for the long term and that will accompany you as soon as the sun comes out.

Its Efficiency

Like most products of this brand, the glasses have been designed and chosen by the greatest care. For this model, it is a glass with a width of 5.2 cm and a thickness of 38 mm.

You will understand that in addition to being aesthetic, they are also very effective for the fight against sun rays. With a subtle brown hue, his first goal is to absorb and block all the lights that can cause damage to the retina of his user.

With this accessory in your eyes, you will get a better visibility of the world around you. Stopping 100% UV rays do not think about the effects of the sun on your eyes. Another feature that cannot be ignored is its ability to fight against blue light.

Rivacci 359B-2M3

People who wonder what the best sunglasses for men on the market are can find the answer by discovering the advantages of this model. Thanks to their original design, they bring a plus to your face.

Moreover, their vintage style makes them particularly endearing for men who love to play the stars! Indeed, for nearly half a century, all celebrities, including film and song, wear these glasses.

These fashion glasses remain in fact at the heart of trends. They seduce the male because they harmonize with extreme ease with any form of face. They are as good when you go to the beach as for driving or for a boat trip. Thanks to the polarizing lenses, eyestrain is reduced to a minimum and your visual comfort is greatly improved.

The lenses offer UV400 protection and comply with CE standards, guaranteeing optimal protection against sun rays while significantly limiting reflections from different reflecting surfaces.

In order to keep your glasses always clean, they are delivered with a case and a black cloth which can possibly be used to effectively clean the screens of your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Fashionistas will confirm, Rivacci is one of the best brands of best sunglasses for men on the market. If you are looking for polarized glasses with a trendy look, then these Rivacci 359B-2M3 will be able to satisfy you.

Good Points

Timeless and versatile style:

No matter what outfits you wear, from the simplest to the most classy, ​​these glasses are all-in-one and will always put them in value.


You will not feel any discomfort in wearing these 359B-1s. They are indeed very light and will not leave unsightly traces on your nose at the support. They are very comfortable to wear.

Polarized glasses:

The annoying effects of reflections and reflective surfaces will be greatly diminished, improving visual comfort.

Negative Points

Plastic used:

Customers who have purchased and tested these glasses find that the plastic used for the branches is a bit cheap. The price / quality ratio is still very correct.

Ray-Ban RB3025

We consider Ray-Ban RB3025 to be the best sunglasses for men out there! They were originally ordered by the US Air Force to protect the eyes of their pilots when they perform missions aboard their aircraft.

The civilian version was released in the 1930s and the success of these glasses became global. You too can appreciate the quality of its lenses that are very resistant to impacts and scratches. So you can take them for hunting, fishing or any other outdoor activity where your eyes need to be protected.

The specific design of these glasses and their total protection against UV rays are additional arguments for wearing them. The frame is light enough but still solid that you can sometimes forget that you have these glasses on your nose!

The G15 lenses provide a mirror effect that is the charm of these glasses that have been worn by Tom Cruise in the famous movie “Top Gun” and also by other stars on many occasions.

The Ray-Ban RB3025 are legendary glasses originally worn by US Air Force pilots and immortalized on screen by Tom Cruise in his movie “Top Gun”. They are currently essential accessories for people wishing to look after their look and their image.

Good Points


These RB3025 will give you the air of “Top Gun” hunting pilots. Its golden aviator frame and tinted lenses add a very classy touch to the set.

Quality glasses:

Ray-Ban glasses are not only known for their timeless look, but also for the quality of their lenses. These are scratch-resistant and will withstand small impacts. They also protect against UV rays.

Negative Points


Many people agree that they are a little expensive. But no one doubts their quality and the aura that emanates from it.


If the Vans brand is known around the world for its clothes and sports shoes, this notoriety begins to win other products such as sunglasses.

The retro style of the designer brand’s eyewear is perfect for all face shapes, be it oval, round, triangle, inverted triangle, square, rectangle, oblong or diamond. They remain at the top of the trends with its carefully designed design and gently rounded lenses at the edges.

You can be seduced by this product if you do not know which are best sunglasses for men to buy. Indeed, its lenses offer 100% protection against UV rays thanks to their acrylic composition.

As for the frame, it resists perfectly the stresses and shocks of everyday use because it is made entirely of polycarbonate, a material known for its great strength.

In a world where counterfeits are legion, the logo of the mark affixed to the amounts of these glasses is a guarantee as to their authenticity.

If you like to wear original products, these glasses confirm your personality, especially since they have no trouble to harmonize with all your outfits.

If you ask skaters (amateurs or pros) “Which sunglasses to choose? Most of them will remain loyal to the Vans brand, and will probably advise you to opt for the M SPICOLI 4 100% polycarbonate models.

Good Points

Good protection:

The lenses used by these pairs of glasses effectively protect against the harmful effects of UV.

Affordable price:

A trendy look at a low price, this is what you offer these Vans M SPICOLI 4. Like what, it is not necessary to spend a fortune to be stylish. Compared to other more expensive models, these are just as aesthetic.

Negative Points

No case:

A case would have been handy for storage. That said, at this price, we can understand the choice of the brand to ignore this accessory.

X-Cruze Unisex

 Looking for the cheap best sunglasses for men? You are at the right place and we offer these X-Cruze Unisex. As their name indicates, they are intended for both men and women. They are very light since they weigh only between 28 and 30 grams. It is likely that you could forget that you wear them so much they are light!

In addition to their light weight, these glasses have the advantage of adopting Wayfarer style that allows them to adapt to all your outfits. You can wear these glasses to get to work, for example, to have lunch with friends or to practice your favorite outdoor sport.

They also adapt to all forms of face, which means that they are intended for a wide audience, young people connected to executives through the students.

These glasses offer maximum protection against UVA and UVB, which is why you can wear them on all occasions. They are CE certified, which guarantees their solidity, besides the fact that they are particularly elegant.

It is for these many reasons that they are considered cult objects, especially since the release of Blues Brougehers.

In the ranking of the most fashionable eyewear styles, the Wayfarer style is still a reference. That’s why Unisex X-Cruze is so popular with customers.

Good Points


They are very light, and are therefore pleasant to wear. They will also adapt to any shape of faces, in order to always ensure an optimal comfort.


They adopt the Wayfarer look still very trendy today. They will bring you style without ruining you.

Negative Points

A little fragile:

The plastic used is not what is more solid. It is then advisable to be attentive with these glasses.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

You will soon succumb to the charm of this item that is part of the Ray Ban best sunglasses for men. It is an essential accessory for any man who wants to look after his appearance.

Its appearance will bring a certain vintage look to your outfit. It is a flagship model of the iconic brand Ray-Ban and it remains timeless despite the passing years.

These glasses harmonize easily with all types of face, regardless of their shape. They are therefore easy to wear by almost everyone. However, they are not recommended if your is particularly fine, because these glasses could deform your face.

In addition, they are equipped with polarizing lenses, which offers optimal protection for your eyes against ultraviolet rays.

The great solidity of these Ray-Ban glasses and their original shapes make them indispensable both for the beach and for a stay in the mountains or a trip to the desert.

Finally, it should be noted that these glasses effectively protect against the sun’s rays while refraining from a black screen when the star begins to decline. In addition, they come with a case to prevent any risk of scratching glasses.

You want to have a trendy look, you already have the outfit, the shoes but you lack an essential accessory: trendy glasses. Then you wonder “where to buy the best sunglasses for men? “. Make it like the biggest stars and opt for the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132-03.

Good Points

Fashion phenomena:

You will certainly have seen these glasses worn by most peoples and stars in the press or in their video clips. Do not be outdone and take care of your look with these models.


The Wayfarers have been able to exploit the Vintage fashion phenomenon. Its unique and timeless design remains as trendy even after 50 years of existence.

Lens technology:

Almost all of the blue light is blocked, and 85% of visible light is absorbed through the use of subtle brown tinted lenses. These glasses are also the most effective in terms of UV protection.

Carry case:

It will be especially useful for protecting your favorite pair of glasses. You can store them in your bag and take them everywhere with you without fear of damaging them.

Negative Points


We agree, these are not the cheapest pairs of glasses on the market. However, it must be taken into account that these Wayfarer are icons, models of legend, the same as the biggest stars. They are well worth their price.

How To Wear Men’s Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are fashionable accessories, optimally protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays. In addition, the frame and the protective lenses are sometimes fragile and easily tamper-proof. To take good care of it, choose according to the style of the frame, the material and the protective glasses.

Never put the glasses on the “glasses” side

To avoid scratches on glasses, put your glasses folded on their branches, not on glasses. And to redouble precautions, choose cases for your everyday activities like waterproof for sports sessions. The glasses are protected from any scratches and protected from dust.

Choose frames adapted to the morphology of the face

Choosing the shape of the mount is not always easy. The glasses accentuate the features of the face. The round shapes will prefer the rectangular glasses when, conversely, the faces more squares will go towards the rounded glasses. The ovals themselves can wear any type of model.

Assert your personality and your look with glasses

The shape and style of your glasses highlight your style. Choose thick ones, with a plastic frame, for a youthful look and sportswear. Metal versions are more suitable for a more elegant outfit. Branches and frames bright colors, yellow or decorated with playful motifs for example, will be beautiful with a colorful summer outfit.

Choose between the different types of glass

There are two types of lenses: organics that are shatterproof and impact-resistant, but are scratch-resistant, and minerals that are highly abrasion-resistant but very fragile and heavier. There are also glasses that have anti-scratch glass such as Ray-Ban RB3025.

Fix each vision problem with the proper shade

Depending on the optical corrections, one shade may be better suited than another.

The gray reduces the light intensity and unifies colors without distorting, the perfect hue for farsighted.

The brown reduces glare and improves contrast. Therefore recommended for myopes and for the sea and the mountains.

The green provides good contrast vision and respects the colors. It is suitable for wearers of lenses and farsighted, so all for driving.

The yellow and the orange amplify the contrasts considerably. Convenient for those who do not see very well.

Do not get lost between frames and glasses

The materials of the frame are always chosen according to their comfort. Plastic sunglasses are less expensive, but also less solid. While those in carbon fiber and titanium are lighter and more resistant, but more expensive.

Errors to avoid

To see clearly, glasses should be cleaned regularly with a suitable cleaner, wipes or optical sprays. On the other hand, avoid rubbing glasses with paper towels, tissues, but especially cleaning products (disinfectants, acetone) that could damage your glasses and their treatments.

Clean a pair of glasses properly

For a quick wipe, use the cloth sold with your glasses and your case. Place it on the outer surface of the glass and fold it over the inside and rub gently. To further clean your sunglasses, the optician can immerse them in an ultrasonic bath.


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