Best Movies On Netflix 2019 | List Of Best Netflix Movies

Best Movies On Netflix are complicated to decide, as productions of the platform constantly come and go. In addition, although there are many, many types, the truth is that the vast majority are not, what is said, recommendable.

Best Movies On Netflix 2019

There is a lot of B series on Netflix, but we also found a ” handful ” of movies that are worthwhile. There are films of all genres, several exponents of each of them, and we will make it easy to choose the best possible if you want to see Best Movies On Netflix.

Now, we bring you a selection of the 50 best Netflix movies you can see, a selection with the best productions that are currently on the platform.

The Lord Of The Rings, The Trilogy

As with Harry Potter, I do not think it’s necessary to explain why The Lord of the Rings is one of the best Netflix movies.

On the platform we have the whole trilogy of the work of Peter Jackson that tells us about overcoming, how a tiny group can face evil, if they have determination and how friendship triumphs over everything.

And yes, it is spectacular, epic like few others and with one of the best soundtracks that we remember, it also helps to qualify it as one of the best movies we can see on Netflix.

LA LA Land

La La Land is not just one of the best Netflix movies, but one of the best romantic movies (no romantic comedy, please).

It’s a musical that tells us about the romance of Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). She is a waitress, but dreams of being an actress. He is a jazz musician who aspires to succeed and have his own club. Fate unites them and the rest well, you must see for yourselves.

The Protected

One of the best superhero movies in history. M. Night Shyamalan reunited Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson in a very entertaining film in which, little by little, we get to know perfectly the two protagonists.

It’s one of the best Netflix movies, it lasts less than two hours and it looks like a sigh because of how entertaining it is. We are not going to give too much detail about the plot, but Jackson plays a genius with crystal bones and Willis a retired soccer player who is now a security guard.

Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is not only one of the best Netflix movies, it is also one of the best Marvel (and superheroes, as a result).

In this adventure, we accompany a group of misfits who roam the galaxy looking for their fortune. One day, everyone comes together with a common goal and, although the mission is immense, they do not lose, some of them, a sense of humor.

If you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you have already seen it, but if not, you are already late. The best thing is that it is not necessary to have a prior knowledge of the UCM, since it is the Guardians’ first film and it stands on its own.

Harry Potter, The Complete Saga

They count for eight, but we are going to group them into one so as not to cheat on this list of the best Netflix movies. I think we do not need to present them, because they are known worldwide.

The Harry Potter saga plunges us into a world of magic and fantasy in which we follow the story well, Harry Potter, a young magician who does not know what it is until, one day, he receives a mysterious letter and begins to realize not only that there is another world, but is famous for having finished with the most powerful dark magician of all time.

Although, yes, it will return to take revenge. Friendship, good special effects (in the latest movies) and a good story is what awaits us in this saga, which is one of Best Movies On Netflix.


Multiple is a tape that we cannot talk about without falling into gutting, but you should know that M. Night Shyamalan has created an authentic jewel starring a fantastic James McAvoy, a person with multiple personality syndrome.

As we say, we cannot count anything to not annoy the experience, but it is the “sequel” of El Protegido and the movie that must be seen before Glass.


One of the great comedies in the history of cinema, although it is not one of the those to be laughing all the time, is Ghostbusters and is from Best Movies On Netflix. At this point he needs no introduction. A group of scientists – parapsychologists – are expelled from Columbia University in New York and decide to start their business.

In a rather curious way, they manage to get hold of a building and a car and begin to make their first steps as ghost hunters in the city. What they did not imagine is that they were preparing for the arrival of a very powerful supernatural force.

It is a very entertaining film in which all the protagonists put their grain of sand to make us enjoy, but why are we going to cheat, Bill Murray is the one that stands out.


Alfonso Cuaron tells us in a semi biographic film the story of a family composed of a mother and her four children, who are cared for by a domestic employee.

Although not going through the best of times, the woman is too involved, and is not what would come. Filmed in black and white, it has a spectacular photograph, as well as a masterful vision behind the main camera.


We enter an original work of Netflix, and one of Best Movies On Netflix. Directed by Alex Garland, who ” narrates ” science fiction masterfully, Annihilation puts us in the shoes of Lena, a biologist who was in the army and who is involved in a mission to save her husband, disappeared in an area in which strange phenomena occur.

It is slow and at all times keeps us in suspense thanks to an immense direction, a great picture and some performances that are not bad. It’s a sci-fi movie, but it’s not like other movies you’ve seen.

The Truman Shows

Do we live in Matrix? Is it all a simulation? We are not going to tell you much about Truman’s show, since we would reveal the main, and only, screenplay.

We can only say that it is one of the best Netflix movies and that, in 1998, Jim Carrey made one of the best works of his career.

John Wick 2

Totally opposite of El Bosque, we have John Wick 2. There are shots, shots and more shots in an exquisite choreography starring Keanu Reeves.

The actor, Neo in The Matrix, is great at the action, since he trains a lot, and that’s why this cocktail of bullets is so rewarding, since it hooks from start to finish.

John Wick 1 is not on Netflix, but it is not that he has a plot so deep that he needs to see both of them. Yes, it is not bad, because the first teaches us that, like a dog, nobody is wanted.

The Pan’s Labyrinth

The Labyrinth of the Faun is the work of Guillermo del Toro. Set after the Civil War, tells the story of Ophelia. Accompanied by her mother, she travels to the north of the peninsula to meet her new father, a captain of the Armed Police who must finish with the rest of the republican guerrilla.

The girl has to escape from that situation, and undertakes a journey accompanied by a faun. An exquisite, and hard, fantasy film that, in addition to its atmosphere, stands out for the ” magic ” and the imagination of the young woman.

Black Swan

Black Swan is inlcuded in Best Movies On Netflix. It’s strange, but it’s really worth it. Darren Aronofsky is the extravagant director of this film in which the character is an excellent Natalie Portman.

Tells the story of a ballet dancer who dreams of being the star of the Swan Lake ballet but is in danger of getting into the role so much that she can lose herself.

The Arrival

The arrival is among Best Movies On Netflix, as well as one of the best sci-fi movies of the last decade.

Amy Adams plays a linguist who is recruited when the aliens arrive on the planet. Your mission is to try to make contact with them. If you like the genre, you will love it. It’s more to enjoy the tension of the plot than the action, and that is sometimes appreciated.

Forrest Gump

What can we say about Forrest Gump? In 1994, Tom Hanks made a spectacular performance under the direction of Robert Zemeckis. It is a magical film in which Gump tells his life to anyone who sits at the waiting bus stop.

And, really, it’s a peculiar life that took him to Vietnam, to meet Elvis, to be part of a soccer team, to get some Guinness record, to work at Apple and to meet the president.

It’s very, very long, more than two hours, but it’s really worth it, and it’s one of those movies that you’ll see more than once in your life.

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The Worlds Of Coraline

We finally arrived at an animated film. The worlds of Coraline is a film created with the stop-motion technique that is directed by the director of Nightmare Before Christmas, not Tim Burton, who was a producer and only put the name, but by Henri Selick.

It’s a magical story that tells us about the Joneses, a family that moves to a charming little town. Coraline is a curious girl whose family is too small for her. She’s fed up with her mother, her father and one day she meets her other family.

American History X

Edward Norton and Wdward Furlong are spectacular in this 1998 film that tells us about Nazism in the United States. A family of neo-Nazis does not hesitate to manifest their beliefs in Los Angeles, until by an incident, Derek Vinyard (Norton) ends up in jail.

On leaving, he has changed, but his surroundings have not done so at all.


After getting serious with American History X, play ” enjoy ” with Grease. It’s a musical that tells us about the romance between Danny Zucko and Sandy Olsson.

Zucko is a rebel, a gang member without goals and Olsson is an innocent girl who makes the mistake of enrolling in the same institute as Danny.

It’s fun, it has mythical songs and it’s seen in a heartbeat.

Save Soldier Ryan

Saving Soldier Ryan is one of the best Netflix movies, as well as one of the best war movies in history.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, it is a magnificent recreation of the Normandy Landing. It is not a historical film, but it does have a spectacular setting.

The campus is full of famous actors who make very good performances, the sound is amazing, as well as the soundtrack, and special effects, as well as photography, are very careful. It’s three hours of film, but it’s worth it with a good bucket of popcorn.

Good Morning Vietnam

We must pay tribute to a teacher of humor, someone who, even in the pit of depression, gave everything to make the world smile. We refer, of course, to the incomparable Robin Williams.

When we said that nothing of romantic comedies we were thinking, directly, in Good Morning, Vietnam. And it is not a romantic comedy, but a drama-comedy, a mixture as rare as well-oiled that, on this occasion, works perfectly.

Williams is a radio announcer who is transferred to Vietnam, in full conflict, to try to encourage the troops. However, more than propaganda, it is dedicated to putting Rock ‘n Roll and releasing very inappropriate comments against the United States military and the war itself.

We are not going to tell you what happened, but it is a classic movie, one that we all must see once in a lifetime, since it has moments as tough as it is.


Ridley Scott is a very irregular director, but it is clear that he knows how to make films (when he puts on). Gladiator is an example. 155 minutes of epic action that earned the Oscar to Russell Crowe, and we cannot forget the interpretation of Joaquin Phoenix.

Crowe is Maximus Tenth Meridius, a general of the Roman army who arouses the envy of the heir to the empire. After a series of events, Crowe is forced to fight in Roman circuses, and one of those fights will be against his fate.

It is, as we say, epic, with spectacular photography and great performances. And great soundtrack.

Up To The Bones

Lily Collins, daughter of Phil Collins, is the protagonist of an original Netflix movie that is not, far from it, light. It tells us about a young woman with an eating disorder who is “forced” to enter a very special recovery center.

Although it is not the film that best deals with this issue, it does serve to give a vision of what the disorder is like. And Collins “gets out”.


James Wan is a genius of cinema, that’s simple. He is the creator of Saw but has also created tapes like Dead Silence or The Warren File. Terror is especially good, but it has also left its mark on Furious 7 or the recent Aquaman.

Insidious is one of Netflix’s best horror films, and one of the best we’ve seen in recent years for a very simple reason: after years of falling down in the genre, Wan came back with a movie of ghosts and haunted houses with two very different parts, one sublime and the other that’s good, it lets itself be seen.

As we say, Insidious goes to ghosts. A family, made up of a father, mother and two children, moves out of the house, but one of the children falls into a coma. It seems that it is not a comma. At that moment, the dark forces begin to harass the family.

The first half of the film is about insinuations, creating an atmosphere that leads to a very interesting scare dance, with a final girito. It is one of the best Netflix scary movies, and obligatory for all lovers of the genre.

The Illusionist

The Illusionist is one of the best Netflix movies. It is a feature film based on the novel Eisenheim the Illusionist, written by Steven Millhauser.

The film takes us to Vienna in 1889, where the prodigious wizard Eisenheim (Edward Norton) falls in love with an aristocrat (Jessica Biel) and devises a plan to get away from his evil fiancé and live happily.


Based on the comics, arrives Dredd, a film produced by Alex Garland that has a fantastic Karl Urban as leading role.

In a disgusting future, why are we going to cheat, there is special police that does not hesitate to use ruthless methods to maintain order in Mega-City.

They have control until a patrol must enter a skyscraper controlled by a drug lord. It is pure and hard action, and quite entertaining to be in the Best Movies On Netflix.

Cell 211

Daniel Monzón directed in 2009 one of the Best Movies On Netflix a few years ago. He puts us in the shoes of Juan Oliver (interned by Albero Ammann), a prison official who has the worst day of work in the world.

He ends up getting involved in a big mess that forces him to pass himself off as one of the prisoners and gain the trust of Malamadre, played by a great Luis Tosar.

The Untouchables

It has rained a lot since 1987, but many still remember the performances of Sean Connery, Andy Gardía, De Niro and Kevin Costner. The Untouchables is based on the homonymous novel by Eliot Ness and is one of the Best Movies On Netflix.

We are not going to tell you what it is about, but we can say that if you like vintage films in the United States, and if you are curious about Al Capone, you should see this film.

Remember Me

Remember me may be Netflix’s most tricky movie, and romantic tapes, but it’s clear that it works perfectly.

He talks to us about a young man, who comes from a powerful family, who does not care about anything, but who one day falls in love with a classmate.

It is not a conventional relationship and little by little we make it more ours, until an end arrives that well, it will remove you inside.

Space Jam

And we left so much seriousness to get to one of the best Netflix animation movies. Space Jam is starring Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan, and it’s a movie in which Jordan is amazing and he likes it.

Aliens arrive on Earth to absorb the power of the NBA players and, thus, create a great leisure center in space. Jordan and the Tunes are aware and do not plan to allow it and challenge them to a basketball game.

It’s fun and the plot has no head or tail, but what does it matter? If you saw her in her day, you will enjoy her as a child.

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock returned with the blind side to show that she is still one of the best actresses in Hollywood.

It is a drama of those that keep us glued to the screen from beginning to end thanks to both the story of improvement and, above all, the performances of Bullock and Tim McGraw.

The Green Mile

The green mile is one of the best Netflix movies. Tom Hanks, again, plays a spectacular role as a prison officer who works in a jail in which a ruthless killer is imprisoned, played by Michael Clarke Duncan.

It is based on the novel The Hall of Death, Stephen King, and although it is very long, three and a half hours, it is very worthwhile.


Scotland, late 90’s, a group of drug addicts social misfits who only find comfort in these substances. What starts as a light film ends with a big question, can you escape from that world?

One of the members tries (a very young Ewan McGregor), and it is one of the best Netflix movies. It has very hard moments. If you have seen, and liked, Requiem for a dream, it is your movie.

American Gangster

Scott and Crowe rejoined in American Gangster, a film in which Denzel Washington and Crowe perform spectacular roles (giving them a second youth).

Crowe is a policeman, not too ethical, who fights against the supply of drugs in the United States. Regardless of the law and its methods, it intrudes into the plans of a dangerous group.

The Devil’s Backbone

Another Del Toro movie, and another that is inspired at some time during the Civil War. This time we are in an orphanage run by Republicans who comes to Carlos, a child who begins to learn the rules of that awful place.

One day, Carlos sees a ghost, begins to follow him and the rest you must discover it yourself.

NET Included In Best Movies On Netflix

And, again, after recommending a pretty serious movie, we go with a ” comedy ‘‘. Action and four famous (Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren) delivering shots and laughs, that’s what is needed for Best Movies On Netflix.

Although it may not seem like it, it is the adaptation of a comic from DC Comics, and it is really fun to see the different members of the “platoon” using their skills as retired members of different espionage agencies.

The Rock

Michael Bay is a director known for making mediocre movies full of special effects and explosions. Do you remember Transformers? It’s yours.

However, the rock is one of the Best Movies On Netflix, a film in which Sean Connery accompanies a great Nicolas Cage (I know, it’s weird) and Ed Harris.

Francis Hummel steals 16 missiles equipped with poison gas and takes Alcatraz. If his wishes are not met, he will launch the missiles against San Francisco. That’s when the FBI sends a specialist to try to thwart the plans.


Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue star in this film in which Cruise, recently graduated from the army, arrives in New York to become a waiter. Little by little, he starts climbing and goes to Jamaica to continue working as a waiter.

His dream is to open a local of drinks, the best, since he has an innate talent, but on the way, he meets Jordan Mooney, played by Elisabeth Shue.


Second part of the film trilogy of Harris, although later another film was released, without Hopkins, in which the beginnings of Hannibal the Cannibal are explored.

It is closely related to The Silence of the Lambs, but the script has the ” ability ” to allow us to see this without amount, too much, past events.

The performances are spectacular, and we see Hannibal in all its splendor.


Blindly is one of the Best Movies On Netflix (horror) right now. Sandra Bullock makes a masterful interpretation in an original Netflix film that places us in a future in which an invisible presence “invites” everyone who sees him to commit suicide, in the worst possible ways.

It is assumed that the entity takes the form of the worst nightmares of each individual, which makes them look for suicide, and to avoid it, survivors must cross the territories on the outside with blindfolds.

It is an interesting film, which puts us to the limit on some occasions and that has become one of the best Netflix horror films, as well as a most interesting thriller that rarely falls into the conventional.

The Thing

The master John Carpenter ” gave us ” in 1982 one of the masterpieces of terror and is included in Best Movies On Netflix. Set in a station in Antarctica, researchers find a being come from space that has been there for hundreds of thousands of years.

However, it is not good to play with such things, and when the creature awakens and evolves, it undertakes a crusade against the station.

Do not look for something like Insidious, it’s not that smart, but it’s old-school terror, with a lot of makeup and tons of blood.

Crazy Police Academy

Currently has some ” points ” politically incorrect, but it is still a comedy of the most interesting being on the list of Best Movies On Netflix.

The argument is hilarious: the new mayor of the city wants to break the military regime of the police and declares that everyone, regardless of skin color, physical shape, sex or mental state can be part of the police.

Thus, a fairly hard instructor sees how his police academy is filled, overnight, by recruits who have no respect for the institution.

Little by little, the cake is discovered, since everyone has “unique” abilities that make them fit for the body, but until then, they star in a dance of laughter that will make us have a great time.

Knight’s Heart

Set in the Middle Ages, in the time of the jousts, a young man without a future deceives everyone posing as a gentleman.

Only the knights, the nobles, could participate in the jousts, but the young man, played by Heath Ledger, is great and starts to win all those who are ahead.

It is not a film that will go down in history, but it is most entertaining.

Eva Naked

A delicatessen from the 50’s. Eva Naked is one of the best Netflix movies, a film that tells us about Eva (played by the great Anne Baxter), a young woman who aspires to be an actress.

Her dream takes her to become friends with Margo Channing, a famous actress, and that’s when she discovers that she is willing to do anything, even trample her friends, to fulfill her goal.

The Secret Window

Another one of the movies that are set in some Stephen King novel proved to Best Movies On Netflix. The Secret Window puts us at the feet of a fantastic Johnny Deep who plays a writer who does not get the inspiration to define his next book.

Tortured by an unsuccessful marriage and by the presence of a stranger who harasses him he will have to look deep inside himself to find the secret of success, again. And you may like what you see there.

The Forest

Another movie by M. Night Shyamalan. El Bosque is, like all his works, a misunderstood film. It was promoted as if it were a horror movie, but it is not at all and its among Best Movies On Netflix.

It tells of a community that lives by the standards of humility of the late nineteenth century in an area surrounded by a mysterious forest. They cannot leave the perimeter, since there are creatures that stalk them.

One day, the balance is broken and one of the inhabitants of the village must leave the forest to know that not everything is what it seems. As always, Shyamalan maintains the tension during almost all the tape thanks to a superb sound section. Without a doubt, from the best Netflix movies.

American Beauty

The American dream, to have a job, a family and a house. However, all that is not worth anything when what sustains that dream is rotten. It is a tragicomedy in which its director, Sam Mendes, does not seek to provide any solution, but simply to show the rottenness of a society.

It’s film that challenges the American lifestyle, intelligent and that swept the Academy. Undoubtedly, the Best Movies On Netflix we can see currently.

Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton again had Johnny Depp in a movie set in North America at the end of the 18th century and must be included in Best Movies On Netflix.

Depp is a researcher from the city who comes to a small town, Sleepy Hollow, to try to find the solution to the problem. It’s no big deal, just a headless horseman who terrorizes the inhabitants.

Photography, costumes and direction are worthy of mention, and it is one of those tapes that Burton knows so well, between comedy and ” terror ‘‘.

The Good Side of Things

The good side of things is one of the Best Movies On Netflix. The film tells the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper), a young man who moves to his parents’ house when he leaves the psychiatric hospital, the center where he found himself assaulted his wife’s lover.

Pat is determined to win back his wife, and he has the help of Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who agrees to help him out in exchange for him being his partner in a dance contest. The relationship between the two is hilarious, and it shows that there is a lot of spark between them. And if not, they hid it great.


James Wan is a genius of cinema, that’s simple. He is the creator of Saw but has also created tapes like Dead Silence or The Warren File. Terror is especially good, but it has also left its mark on Furious 7 or the recent Aquaman.

Insidious is one of Netflix’s best horror films, and one of the best we’ve seen in recent years for a very simple reason: after years of falling down in the genre, Wan came back with a movie of ghosts and haunted houses with two very different parts, one sublime and the other that’s good, it lets itself be seen.

As we say, Insidious goes to ghosts. A family, made up of a father, mother and two children, moves out of the house, but one of the children falls into a coma. It seems that it is not a comma. At that moment, the dark forces begin to harass the family.

Romeo + Juliet

The story of the Montagues and the Capulets, but with a twist. The film is set in Verona Beach, and the two families are the ones that control different businesses around the city and is one of the Best Movies On Netflix.

One day, Romeo (played by a very young DiCaprio) falls in love with Juliet (Claire Danes), and both begin a dangerous romance by coming, each of them, from one of the rival families.

It is fun and, above all, very curious, as they speak in verse, something that clashes with the setting of the film.


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