Basic Tips To Create An App For Your Business

Are apps only for large companies? What good would having an app for your business? Mobile applications have become very useful tools in our daily life. See how to get started. Apps that facilitate communication and entertainment, such as social networks, mail, videos and games; the ones we use in the office, such as diaries, audio notes, dictators, etc.; but there are also those that make it easier for us to make payments, transactions or see the catalog of products or services and buy them.

Tips To Create an App For Your Business

The vast majority of day-to-day tasks are carried out using a smartphone: buying plane tickets, paying at a restaurant, recording and sharing moments, even buying products from the palm of your hand. Technology is changing the ways of doing things and companies must adapt to that or leave room for those who know how to do it.

We are experiencing a true revolution on the Internet. We have gone from connecting at home to connecting from anywhere, if users connect more from mobile devices than from personal computers, this implies that we have to adapt. So, developing an app that attracts customers, increases your buyers’ loyalty, and positions you as an innovative company is almost a necessity.

The download and use of applications are one of the trends that dominate the current digital market and the business world. Therefore, for small and medium-sized companies it represents not only a great opportunity to reach a greater number of potential customers by offering them something useful and of quality, but also a necessity to be competitive.

The main attraction of business applications is clear: whatever your business does online, it can also be done on smartphones, providing other important benefits: portability and user location. Furthermore, as not all SMEs currently offer them, it is a differentiating factor that surprises consumers and will help to position itself as an innovative entity.

Hiring an application development specialist is the ideal option but costs from about thousands of dollars (Self-employed / freelance with little experience) charge a bit low (consultants and specialized agencies with experience).

However, there are alternatives affordable and accessible for all budgets. A clear example is APPSTYLO, best free app builder that allows SMEs to create applications without having prior knowledge of development and programming, to later be disseminated in the market. More and more users are using appstylo and launching their applications.

You just need to upload the content you want to use and appstylo free app maker does the rest. Regardless of which path you takekeep a number of tips in mind when implementing your mobile strategy.

1. Tempt Customers

Offer discounts, coupons, a gift or run sweepstakes or contests. Encourage the download and use of the application by delivering additional value. Encourage users to become addicted to your application, spread it, share it, and repeat its use.

2. Make it Free

Companies that are not specialized in applications should not see them as a business in themselves. Allowing downloads for free will help expand the number of potential customers rather than generate resources, reinforcing the company’s business model with the possibility of increasing sales.

3. Spend In Marketing

Like all development on the web, our application must be promoted. It is necessary to implement effective advertising strategies that manage to capture the attention of users. Applications can be fun, effective, novel, but if they are not advertised, they will never reach the user’s hands. Bet on social media and e-mail marketing to promote your new app in a less expensive and more effective way.

4. Links to Social Media

Social networks are already part of the daily life of Internet users. For this reason, the applications should always include links to the most important networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest. They will help you to expand and spread your application among the circles of acquaintances and contacts of whoever uses it.

5. Not Just Marketing

Although marketing seems to be the most obvious objective when developing an application, functions such as customer services and customer relationship management (CRM) can be of great use to users.

A good application should serve on a day-to-day basis, consider and reinforce the general strategies of the company and give support to some particular areas of it. Also, apps can allow Internet purchases, interaction with social networks and increase customer loyalty.

6. Have Precise Motto

Before developing your app make sure you know what you want to offer, what image you want to convey and understand to your audience. You must seek to deliver an experience to the user to achieve a true commitment to the brand. People today are willing to spend on apps, take advantage of it!

It is important that you define what you want to get with your app: many downloads or active users; the response of people to the offers you make your content viral. Before you launch it, determine how you will measure the results.

7. Choose Your Devices Wisely

To create your app, you must take into account that all mobile devices work differently and that each one requires different programming. It is recommended that you forget about small brands, since the smartphone market is being increasingly dominated by Android and iPhone.


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