AT&T Unlock | How To Unlock An ATT Cell Phone

If you want to know how to release your phone from AT&T unlock in our days, with an easy, fast and safe procedure read this article till the end. If you bought or were given an AT&T Mexico cell phone. But you want to switch to a different telephone network, from AT&T to Telcel, from AT&T to Movistar, from AT&T unlock to any company in the world, you just need their release.


We know well that in the companies are bothered to do it and for what it takes weeks for AT&T unlock, they leave you waiting without attending you even leaving you without your cell phone for several days so that in the end they tell you that it is not found.

On the other hand, AT&T unlock is done quickly and you can use your cell phone while you unlock code is in process, and with instructions to enter it step by step you can unlock AT&T Mexico cell phone. You will see how to do the AT&T unlock on cell phone with us is very simple.

In the past, if you bought a cell phone with a telephone company. This was blocked to be used only with that operator. It didn’t matter if it was a plan or prepaid. But that has changed; although many people still do not know.

Currently, if you buy a prepaid cell phone it must be unlocked. At least in theory. In the case of cell phones purchased through a rate plan  (whether I come with the plan or take it out in installments with it). Yes, they will come blocked and you will not be able to release them until the contract of the said plan has expired. And of course, it is also necessary that you have no debts.

Process For AT&T Unlock In Case Of  Telcel


It really isn’t a very complicated process; although each operator has its forms. In the case of Telcel; You can use his tool. Give the required information and they will provide you with a code to unlock the cell phone (later we will talk about this).

In case of any eventuality; Just contact them either in a call center, their chat, or on the phone: you will need to be given the code. If the cell phone was not acquired with them; You will need to go to a center with your official identification and equipment bill.

AT&T Unlock

For AT&T unlock it is very similar. In fact, you can simply write them in the chat and voila. They will give you your code. You can also get it by call or in person at a call center.

In the Case Of Movistar

ATT unlock

For Movistar, you can also use its tool. Although your device may not be on the list provided (it seems they don’t update it very often). In that case, approach a call center, or by chat or phone to have your code.

We remind you that operators have to give you this release code by law if your contract has ended and you liquidated the equipment 100%. Although it is also legal to refuse to give it to you if you have any debts with them.

You Already Have The Code, What Now?

Here comes the easiest part of AT&T unlock. You will obviously need the cell phone to be released and a SIM card from another company (the one you want to use now). Insert the SIM of another company and the same phone will ask for the code. Enter it and that’s it.

Important: in some cases, this process could restart your phone, so make a backup of your information just to avoid any misfortunes.

In case you have any further queries regarding how to unlock AT&T cell phone do let us know in the comment section down below and we will be humble to answer all of them.


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