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The Dissup is a site dealing with all the high-tech news of the moment. Web 2.0, smartphones , netbooks, geek culture, web marketing, SEO, design, unusual, series, movies, cinema, p2p, the themes are many and are aimed primarily at informing you of everything that is happening in these different sectors. All with a little humour. Finally, we try.

All the above prospects are categorised as:

For the record, it should be known that the Dissup was launched in December 2018 and federates every day several thousands of enthusiasts who share their love for digital and Geek culture.

Rules Concerning Comments

Each user has the opportunity to leave a comment after the articles published on the Dissup. These are not moderated before publication, which means that they will be automatically published after submitting. On the other hand, we reserve the right to edit or delete them if they do not comply with the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to use the identity of another.
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  • Defamatory, racist, insulting or hate speech is prohibited.

For the rest, you have every right to express your point of view, especially if it disagrees with the content of the article. It is in the opposition that the most interesting debates are born. Some sites remove critical comments, this will never be the case on the Dissup.

On the other hand, the published comments only reflect the opinion of the author. If you have any query then do let us know by giving your feedback at Dissup Contact. Dissup Team’ll try to sort it out as soon as possible.