5 Great Online Notepad Tools for Teachers and Students

The rise of digitality has brought everyone to the online platform. A person in every field is trying to solve queries using online tools. If we talk about the educational sector, teachers and students both rely on technology. From making the documents to sharing the files, they go to the online platform.

online notepad tools

To make the notes, they always look for a top-rated notepad that can help to design a proper outline and make them easily readable. For it, users can get help from an online notepad. By using this tool, they can keep the files safe and make them easily shareable. This is the best option that students and teachers can choose to generate notes.

In this article, we will talk about the best online notepads that one must consider. These tools provide all the features for free and help the users to make notes.

Top Online Notepads

Below is the list of best text editors that students and teachers can use to record important things by making a proper structure. These tools are full of features and can help in noting down the important things without any charges. Let’s have a detailed discussion on these tools.

1.     Online-notepad.net

In the list of best online notepads, this one can be really helpful for the users as they can generate the notes in multiple text styles. Not only this, they can keep the files safe for later use.

online notepad

The tool is full of other amazing features and here is the list of some best features that one can get in this free notepad online.

Google search:

google search

This tool allows you to check the words from Google. That means if a person gets stuck while writing the content, he can look for it on the search engine.

Rich text note:

rich text note

By using this feature, users can get all the features that are available in MS Word. So, they can change the font style, size, and color.

Show total words:

show total words

Users can check the total number of words and characters in this online tool. This feature helps in controlling the length of the content.

Download files:

download files

Once you complete the notes and want to save them on the device, you have to click on the download button. With this, you can easily keep the notes safe in the device.

Multi-file formats:

multi file formats

While downloading the files, users can go for multiple file formats. They can download the notes in Doc, Txt, and PDF format.

2.     Sponlinenotepad.netlify.app


The text editor by Sponlinenotepad is another top-rated tool that students can try to make the assignments. Like other amazing tools, users can also get a lot of features in this tool. Here we are going to discuss some amazing benefits that one can get with the help of this online notepad.

Light/Dark mode: This tool allows you to alter the mode. Users can go for the light or dark mode in this online tool.

Auto-save: Users can save the content in this online tool by clicking on the auto-save button. By it, your data will be saved automatically and avoid unintentional loss of notes.

Copy text: Once you complete making notes in this online tool, next thing is to copy the text. It can be done simply by clicking on the copy text button.

Reset: After generating the notes in this online tool, you can click on the reset button and generate new content.

3.     Textreverse.com


This notepad online lets you generate notes and save them for later use. One can also edit the text here and change the text style.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the advantages that users can get with the help of this text editing tool and make the notes easily readable.

Upload files: If you already have files present on the device and want to make editing in those documents, you can easily do it by uploading those files here.

Print Text: Users can also print the notes in this text editor. After completing the notes, just click on the print button.

Undo and Redo: If you have made unintentional mistakes in the content, just click on the undo/redo option and get back to the actual point.

Auto-save mode: Users can also save the content automatically in this notepad online. Once you turn on the auto-save mode, all the content will be saved spontaneously.

4.     Textcleaner.net

text cleaner

Text cleaner is a simple web-based online tool where students can make their monthly assignments and share them with others. One can get all the features in this tool that is present in MS word.

Now we are going to talk about the top elements of text cleaner that users can avail of to generate notes and give them an attractive look.

MS word features: Users can get all the features of MS word in this online notepad. That means they can change the text style and formatting as per their need.

Word Counter: This tool shows the total number of words and characters. This helps the users to keep an eye on the length of the content.

Find and replace: Find and replace is an amazing option offered by this online notepad. That means a person can replace a keyword from the entire content with just one click.

Spell check: This feature helps the users to eliminate the mistakes from the content and keep it easily readable for the readers.

  1. Einsty.com


While talking about the best notepads, you can never ignore this tool as it offers all the necessary elements to the users that are needed to make the notes. Let’s talk about the top benefits that one can get with the help of this online tool.

Multi case: With the help of this notepad online, users can change the case of the text. This tool offers all the cases, i.e. Upper case, Lower case, and Sentence case.

Download files: Users can also download the file with the help of this online notepad and keep them safe in the system.

Show word count: One can check the total number of words and characters in this online tool.

Print notes: After generating the notes, you can also print them easily. Just give the print command to the tool and you will have a copy of those files.

Bottom Lines

Notepad is the need of both students and teachers. So, they are always on the look for a top-rated editing tool that can help in generating notes.

If we talk about the teachers, they have to make the papers and quizzes. Similarly, students have to complete the assignments.

For it, an online notepad can be the best option as users can mark down their thoughts on this tool without installing it on the device.


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